Chased for debt that is not mine.

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Hi all,

I signed up to the electoral register using my parents' home address when I turned 18 however, for the past 7 years I have been living with my aunt since she lives closer to my university. I have now graduated from university but still remain at my aunt's address since I am estranged to my father who still lives at the address I used for the electoral register.

A neighbour of my old home address has told me that I received a letter stating I owe Thames Water money. Whilst growing up at my parents' address I was aware my father never paid the water bill. Now the water bill company have put my name on the account since I share the same last name as my father who hasn't been paying the bill.

Once again, I haven't been living at that address since I was 18 years old and up till now I've been a student so I cannot possibly afford this debt.

Am I liable for this debt considering he's still alive? I'm worried this will affect my credit score and therefore, my chances of moving out of my aunt's house to get a place of my own. I'm in desperate need of some advice as I've never had a bill addressed to me before and feel aggrieved that I'm now responsible for this debt and I have no connections with my father whatsoever.


  • You contact them and tell them that they have no supply agreement with you.
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    As said above, obviously explain situation to water company and also get your name off the council tax account.
    What has happened about voter registration? It is mandatory that this is completed; which address have you used?
    Will you not be reponsible for Council Tax at your father's address? If he lives on his own he could claim 25% relief if you are not registered at the address.
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