I have been having trouble with severntrent, I think my bills are too high, I live in a 3 bedroom mid terrace by myself. I'm paying £48 a month over 12 months. I have rung multiple times saying it can't be right, and each time they come up with a different excuse from its to do with the year my house was built or the street I live on. How many people live in my house, how much water I use whatever the excuse they all say they can't reduce my bill unless I go on a meter which I cant have currently because I share my water main with my next door neighbour. I have talked to both of my neighbours one pays £27 a month over 8 months and the other pays a yearly fee of £130. Obviously I am paying alot more, is there anything I can do? 


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    You have to apply for a meter. If a meter cannot be installed you will be offered an 'Assessed Charge' at the single occupant rate.
    This will be £167pa or possibly £200pa
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    Yes apply for the meter, the meter is installed at the water entry point in your property at the stop tap. If not possible they'll advise otherwise, they do a survey first.
    Also with ST and we went on a meter about 3 years ago, about £420 ish we paid annually then, around £24 per month set DD now. So worth pursuing.
  • Thank for the advice, I did apply for a meter but because I share my water feed with my neighbour, they can only put it inside which they won't do with covid at the moment. Will ask them about an assessed charge. Just fed up with the way they have treated me making up excuses and then finding out it's a lie. 
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    If you’re not on a meter/assessed value then your bill is based on the rateable value from about 1990. More information here.
    It’s a set figure that is nothing to do with number of occupants or the amount you use. Severn Trent don’t have any discretion to change it. 
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    Pedant alert - it's could have, not could of.
  • Depending on your income you may qualify for a reduction on your water charges - Severn Trent Water have a scheme called The Big Difference Scheme where you may be able to receive up to 90% off the average water bill. The application is assessed based on household income & if successful the reduction is applied for 12 months, you can then reapply. 
    May be worth a look - you can apply via - 

    Hope this helps

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