Oil Boiler - Servicing Cost?

I'm new to oil fired central heating and about to arrange a service (which is I think long overdue as property empty for 18 months before I bought it)
I have Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave II External Combi.
Can any one give me a ball park figure for an annual service assuming replacement of normal consumable parts (I believe the filter / nozzle)
Thanks in advance


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    Servicing usually has little difference in price to gas boiler servicing.   Under £100 would be your ballpark
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    Here in Northumberland anywhere from £70 to £120, smaller one man firms offer the best value but get someone in who your neighbours recommend.
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    As it's an external boiler, would that (perhaps?) be more expensive than conventional/indoor?
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    Thank you all for your replies.  I've made contact with a local OFTEC registered technician so fingers crossed. The boiler has failed twice in the last month (burner lockout) and I think there might be some water in the fuel supply line.
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    A recommendation really is important.
    I had a persistant recurring issue with lock-outs and my regular OFTEC service engineer kept returning and failing to fix. After the 3rd/4th time in as many months, he continued to come out, clean/service the boiler but not charge me he was so embarrassed.
    I decided either the boiler needed replacing, or the engineer, so tried the latter as being cheaper!
    Rang another local OFTEC guy who listened to my explanation and immediately said 'I bet it's the solanoid. I'll come out and replace it, and keep the old one, and you can pay me after a month if it's still working. If that doesn't fix it I'll come back and replace the old one free and take it from there."
    He was right.
    While he was here he explained that
    a) to get OFTEC registered, engineers simply have to undertake a basic course covering safety, compliance, and basic servicing.
    b) his small family firm only did oil servicing and repairs. No gas. No installations. No nothing else. So they see and have real experience in all the oil issues, are familiar with diagnosis and repair.
    Just saying: not all OFTEC engineers are the same.....
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