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The even newer good, bad and ugly of growing your own in 2021!

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The even newer good, bad and ugly of growing your own in 2021!

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Welcome to the new ups and downs of growing your own!

Everyone is welcome. Come and tell us about your growing shenanigans

What do you like to grow?

Are you going to try anything different this year?

Did you try anything different last year? Did you like it? Would you grow it again?

Do you have any tips for growing?

Do you make anything with what you grow?

How much does growing your own save you?

I'll use this post for links that folks might find useful. If you want something adding in, please just let me know

There's a fab Facebook group called "Allotment Club - Mind your peas and cues" I'm not affiliated to it in any way but it's a fab little group. It's a closed group but is worth looking up if you're on Facebook. Or there is a fab group called "The allotment shed"
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  • JjahJjah Forumite
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    *Pokes nose around the door* :D

    Ooh.  Seems an interesting thread.
    Is it ok for another newbie to come in?

    I have an insatiable hunger for all things horticultural at the moment so am gleaning from as many sources of knowledge as I come across.

    2021 will hopefully be the year I reclaim the back garden after a 2 year losing battle with bindweed which stops me from literally reaping the fruits of my labours as it smothers everything in the height of summer.

    Hoping to grow much more food this new year because of the instability of our times.

    Looking forward to picking up tips on here...

    *pulls up a chair* :smiley:
    Love the planet.  Eat plants.
  • BetharooniBetharooni Forumite
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    @Jjah I know how you feel - bindweed smothers our garden too 😕😕
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    JjahJjah Forumite
    62 posts
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    edited 30 December 2020 at 12:24AM
    @Jjah I know how you feel - bindweed smothers our garden too 😕😕
    Oh no.  Not you too.  

    I'm intending to weaken it now with cardboard every month as needed.  The whole back part of the garden.  

    This was mine in July last year...  I gave up after trying to clear it to get to my furniture and the fruit bushes  :(

    No matter how tall the canes and bushes grew, the bindweed conquered.
    Love the planet.  Eat plants.
  • edited 30 December 2020 at 1:02AM
    JjahJjah Forumite
    62 posts
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    edited 30 December 2020 at 1:02AM
    Ps, (Same angle photo taken on 27th December before the snow.)

    You can see there's a lot to do when the snow thaws. 

    That pile of greengage, apple and conference pruned material needs breaking up and clearing for a start.  (The bigger logs were taken by a friend for her fuel.)

    I have someone trying to source a lot of cardboard from work some time after the 4th January.  Hopefully the bindweed will be more controllable if I keep on top of it this year.

    Your garden is a nice space, Betharooni.  You will produce a fair amount in a good sized veg bed.

    Love the planet.  Eat plants.
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    FluffityBunnyFluffityBunny Forumite
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    edited 30 December 2020 at 12:43AM
    I'm going to attempt tomatoes and peas again this year.  I'll buy my seeds from Wilkos early this year as I ended up having to buy them from Thompson & Morgan this year during Lockdown #1 and was immensely disappointed with the lack of crop from their seeds.  Tomatoes never ripened, peas didn't even grow.  
    I'm trying to think of what i could grow in hanging baskets that my 5 year old would enjoy watching grow and eat.
  • MysteryMeMysteryMe Forumite
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    Sticking to the usual suspects with tomato varieties. I am going to use the seed I have from last season. In truth I had too many plants so if less germinate it will be no big deal. I'm hoping that the strawberries will crop better now they will enter their third season. I think I might try some runner beans as well. Haven't grown them for years.
  • Charly27Charly27 Forumite
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    FluffityBunny my friend always grew cherry tomatoes and strawberries in her hanging baskets for her children with great success.
    Welcome newbies. Love seeing the photos even if they feature the dreaded BW.
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    Suffolk_lassSuffolk_lass Forumite
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    edited 30 December 2020 at 10:41AM
    Welcome to lots of newbies, I feel your bindweed pain! Mercifully the worst is not in the veg patch. We do have brambles, nettles, creeping wood-sorrel and a small patch of ground elder to complete the horrid weeds picture. Mercifully no Japanese Knotweed or Himalayan Balsam, but Giant hogweed is in the nearby woods.

    My first job is to go through my seeds this month and dispense with old ones which increasingly germinate with pathetic inconsistency. We have a number of raised beds and soft fruit beds and rotate the standard four crop rotation (although most brassicas are butterfly nests and cabbage white caterpillar forage!)

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  • Black_Cat2Black_Cat2 Forumite
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    Having a go at sweet peas this time around.  Work colleagues tell me it's easy to grow them so I'm putting my faith in their advice and looking for tips from you kind folks 🐈
    Just my opinion, no offence 🐈
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