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Hi, If you have taken up the 25 year lease, rent your above roof space to,   A Shade Greener,  for free solar panels & fee all you can use,  then we are in common.
              If you still have a copy of the contract/s etc, showing terms & conditions, of what they will do, & what you can or cannot do,  that you could PM email me,  this would be of great help.  In our case, we were, as disabled pensioners, cold visited by A Shade Greener, their salesman, gave us all the great sounding details, however,  now I find many problems, for things that we deem simple & the right thing to do..  What ever you saved, & or expect to save, if better efficiency, low light panels were installed, you would save a fortune more, & the big problems now is that there seems utterly no options with ASG.  The more you look, & find our, the worse it seems.. 

We thought it was ASG Ltd, but In looking at my lease 2013 it says it is with ASG F7 Ltd, & if you look on beta companies house, ASG have MANY, MANY,  companies listed at their address.    Worse I rang ASG & asked them to remove them for a week, so I can have my tiles changed, I had prior also complained that my panels are not generating as I would expect.   ASG said, all local panels were generating the same, so I asked as it was now over 5 years, could they put in better more efficient lower light panels as stated by original sales man, this was refused, so I asked ASG to sell system to me, or me pay towards updating the panels to low light newer models, it was a total refusal to everything. 

      However when I asked to complain, I was told they were ASG Maintenance Ltd, & all requests had to be put into written letter, not email, & sent to ASG M ltd, when checking with ASG, As per my lease, I have no contract with ASG M ltd  ??,  lady said that is all you can do, & when asked what happens then, she said it goes to legal, & they do nothing.  They will not spend any money on the solar panels any more, as there is no feed in or profit, ours were installed for free, & we can use all it generates & we can use, but any excess goes to ASG not to us.     As we see it, say 60 days a year it generates OK, but 300 days of year they only generate a little, we loose out, & I cannot get them removed & my own put up etc, due to this lease, which, as I see it ASG wont now maintain, or upgrade the panels as stated at inception.
I have asked ASG, by tel, & email,  a number of questions, they refused to answer, stating, you must put in to written letter, to ASG M Ltd, 
As I have no contract with ASG M Ltd, & ASG M Ltd, refused to tell me the connection to my lease,  It might as well be,    I have  to write to Samsung TV complaints. 

   I have legal insurance, & they said my deeds state ASG F7 ltd, but to do as ASG M Ltd, ask, & rec del complaint to ASG M ltd  & ASG, as they ask, & give 14 warning to ASG.
I have also just done a Subject Access Request to ASG legal, which may / may not disclose something, & which others should also do..   [email protected]

       Basically we were also lied to by the salesman, in order to agree lease for 25 years, & EG: we note we had some 60 days full generation, & 300 of next to none, & yet if the panels were of the newer low light type such as LG Neon they generate in rain, cloud & would have saved us a fortune in 25 years.  No matter what, ASG did not want to know.

       As I understand it,  ASG Maintenance Ltd, also only started up in 2015, so clearly we had no agreement with them, as ours were put up in 2013.  I also want them removed for ONE week, so we can repair damaged tiles, & clean, & fit netting around the posts, but others are saying ASG have refused them, or want £2,000, hence it will also come down to the contract.   We would like to see, any ASG lease contracts / proposals please send to me if you can, of what was promised & what they would do if you agreed
to the lease, to show a pattern, & to see if ASG can be sued for breach of contract etc, or get ASG to better the system, & remove for a week to let us do work on our roof tiles.,
        We do not need your house lease papers, but the paperwork showing what ASG are going to do for you, its undertaking, eg: removal, repairs, etc, etc  
many thanks, 


This is the response to my detailed email, 

Good Morning XXXXXXXXX

Please can I ask you send your concerns in writing to the address below –

Sterling House

Maple Court

Maple Road


S75 3DP


Kind regards,



A Shade Greener Maintenance Limited

Telephone: 0345 301 2342

Email: XXXXXXXX @asg-m.co.uk

Working days – Monday,Wednesday & Friday


ASG Data Protection,   [email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]



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    Mortgage started 2020, aiming to clear it in 2026.
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    Replacing panels just because they are obsolete makes no sense. My panels are 8 years old and are now totally obsolete compared with new ones. But they have an expected life of 25 years. There's no way I'm paying someone thousands of pounds to climb up on my roof to rip off panels that have another 18 years of life, just to get a few more watts out of them.
    Worse, doing that would invalidate my FIT payments, as it would be counted as a new installation. So it makes no sense whatsoever for the people who own your panels to do that. They would lose all their income.
    Don't believe all you read about new panels working when it's cloudy. They only generate based on the amount of sunlight hitting them. So they will generate much less when it's cloudy - just like my 8 year old panels do.
    If it sticks, force it.
    If it breaks, well it wasn't working right anyway.
  • @Ectophile - aren't the newer panels meant to work as long as the UV light from the sun hits them (probably far less so when there's cloud, but I think UV can still get through couds)?
  • Ectophile
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    @Ectophile - aren't the newer panels meant to work as long as the UV light from the sun hits them (probably far less so when there's cloud, but I think UV can still get through couds)?

    Maybe, but most of the sunlight that hits the surface of the Earth is infrared (which solar panels can't use) or visible light.  Only a small proportion is UV.
    If it sticks, force it.
    If it breaks, well it wasn't working right anyway.
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    We had our solar panels fitted free by a shade greener some 8 years ago. At first I was very sceptical. But, decided that we had nothing to lose. I have to say, that since they were fitted, our monthly electricity bills have reduced by some 45%. The only issue we have is, we have sold our property and not been able to find the original paperwork for the new buyers. We have contacted a shade greener to try and obtain copies. But, so far they have not been very forthcoming. Unfortunately, this is delaying the completion of our sale. Can anyone help please? 
  • gazz52
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    You say you are in the process of selling your home and I am wondering if you encountered any problems with the sale re the mortgage company lending the buyers the money (unless a cash purchase of course). I am 7 years into my contract with a shade greener but have been  made aware via a consumer programme that there could potentially be a problem if I wish to sell. Any advice would be appreciated 
  • Hi All.

    I have had my Solar Panels from A Shade Greener since December 2012, I was told by the company that I would get FREE electricity during DAY LIGHT hours, giving me a saving of around a third of my electricity bill. NO such luck. I had a very bad time around the end of 2012 and the middle of 2013, poor health, Heart related. So I hadn't taken much notice of the so called saving we were 'getting'. Years have passed and my energy provider whom we have been with for the duration, sends us notices that our direct debit is going up by such and such. I phone them and I am told that I am paying for the electricity that I am using, but I say that I have solar panel so I shouldn't be paying the same in the summer as the winter. No one can get their head around that concept, as a consequence I have paid full 'whack' for years. Now that I'm getting on and in very poor health. I thought that it was time to 'get on top' of this problem, once and for all. I phoned ASG. once I managed to find a number for them their original number and address no-longer exists. I told them of my problem, and I was re-assured that my panels were generating electricity as promised when I had them fitted. They gave me a website to look at where I could see how much power we were generating and how much we were using. It looked really impressive; we were generating loads of power. Our energy provider still says that we are paying the right amount every month. Upon further investigation I found from my supplier that a 'third' party was being paid for the 'extra' power being generated. On confronting ASG I was told that that team doesn't work here anymore, so they knew exactly what I was talking about. They have made all of the excuses possible as to why I am paying so much for my electricity, the cost of the standing charge keeps going up as does the cost of power.

    I am at my 'wits end', can someone please enlighten me. It's driving us nuts along with sleepless nights.

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