We would like to know if we are correct in taking Expedia to court not Air France, we had a contract with Expedia we booked a package with them for March 2020 due to the fact no travel allowed to USA we could't go we, have done with all the waiting and delays now.  We gave them 14 days notice in November and received half of the money in a week, Expedia says that is how Air France works we got paid by Air France.  So now we have given them a date to finalise or we will go to small claims court.  Expedia says we cant take them to court because they are the 3rd party, I say yes we can as contract and ATOL with them it up to them to them get it . Please who is right so we take the right one to court.
Hope this makes sense.  Thank you in advance for any help


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    You would probably be best posting in the Covid travel board. Most of the posts on this board relate to EU261 compensation for flight delays/cancellations (which would be a claim from the airline) As your relates to a refund for a package you were unable to take you will likely get more responses there. 
    Is it the accommodation costs you are waiting to be refunded or part of the flight costs? 
    What does your ATOL certificate show regarding the package?
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    thank you have moved it, is the second half of the flights they paid mine not the hubby Why is any ones guess.  
    thank you i will see if it come up on the other forum
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