166% Increase in Water Bill!!

After a year of paying a monthly water bill of £48 a month we have just received a bill from Anglian Water informing us that they will be increasing our monthly payment to £128 from January. That is a 166% increase. There are no leaks, we useless water than a year ago because there are less people living in the house. We do not use a hose pipe because we have a low maintenance garden made up of ornaments and artificial grass. I've seen people saying that £55 a month is outrageous but £128? A £166% increase? How can that possibly be right especially as they refunded us £69 last month because we had paid too much!  Thoughts anyone?


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    Welcome to the forum.
    Is this latest bill based on actual meter readings? Did you provide the readings?
    How do you know there are no leaks? Assuming the meter is outside of the house.
    Have you asked Anglian Water for an explanation?
  • Thanks for your reply, let me clarify. There are no leaks in the house, toilets, pipes etc. I am logically assuming the meter is outside the house because the bill says it is based on actual readings and no one has been in my house to take a reading. No I didn't provide the readings because I don't know where the meter is. It is certainly not inside the house and I cannot find it anywhere outside and believe my I've looked everywhere right down to the road which is at least 300 feet from the house. Interestingly Anglian don't seem to be able to tell me where the meter is either.
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    What about asking the previous person who lived there, if they know where the meter is
    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
  • It's a good suggestion but for various reasons I cannot go into that's not an option. I have no idea where he is, he doesn't want me to know where he is and if the water meter were strapped to his head he wouldn't be able to find it! 
  • tim_p
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    Do you know where your stop tap is ?  Have you checked there?  If there is a meter and it’s an accurate reading then assuming previous readings were correct then the only cause would be a leak between the meter / stop tap and your house. 
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