JN Bank savings ... Is my poor experience typical?

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Not so impressed:
It took ages (more than a week) to open the account despite having lived at the same address for 8 years and having the same current account (to be linked) for 30+ years.... then the funding window/number of deposits rules (that weren't highlighted) meant we couldn't fully fund it.
Finally the secure messaging from the JN Bank online platform doesn't send you a normal email to tell you there's a secure one waiting like most proper banks do, you have to log on and hope you've had a reply... duhhh....
Anyone have a better experience?


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    You might get a better response here Budgeting & Bank Accounts 
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  • I so wish I'd never heard of JN Bank. 
    £15 000 of mine has vanished, so I need information & can't get any.
    Just awful! 
    Hours on phone, I can't understand what they're saying, their website is mad, no statements, messages forbidden to be sent, transactions only go back 5 months, my emails are not replied to.
    STAY AWAY from these thieves, and Martin, I vehemently wish you'd NEVER recommended them..
  • Yes they are poor, I tried to open an account but I failed, it must have been an omen, if it is that difficult to join then just think how difficult it would be to get your money out. I will stick with Ford money who are great. BAD INFO FROM MARTIN👎
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    What has this to do with being over 50?
  • I wish I'd seen these comments re JN bank UK before depositing my life savings (£50k) in an account with them. I am wondering if what happened to me is a common theme. Basically I had trouble logging onto my account earlier so I called their UK number and spent half an hour listening to a representative tell me that they have no record of any account in my name or with any of my other identifiable information that I provided. I repeatedly told her that I am in the UK and that I opened an account in the UK and that I did that with their UK division but still nothing.  Eventually I asked her whether the sort code that I had used to transfer funds into is actually their sort code in the UK (to try and find out if id sent it to a scammer) and she said "no" even when I repeated it and told her that I was reading all this from an email they sent me confirming that the account had been set up. She asked for the email address that the confirmation email came from and said that wasn't their email address. By this point I was 100% convinced that I'd been scammed, either by them or a fraudulent company using their name, out of money that I will need to pay for care. I felt sick and started hyperventilating. At this point she offered to transfer me to their "UK office" despite having been told repeatedly that I thought I WAS speaking to them already etc. Then she cut me off adding to my fear that I had been conned. Something made me ring back though, hoping to speak to someone else, which I did and this time (having redialed the exact same number) a UK representative answered, immediately found my account and helped me to reset my password and log in.  It was such a horrific experience and if the product wasn't a fixed term with penalties I'd be closing that account today and sucking up the fact that I would achieve a much lower interest rate elsewhere now that rates have fallen. I hope this post helps anyone either avoid JN UK or find their way through dealing with problems with what to me feels like a very amateur and unprofessional institution.          
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    As JN bank are offering savings accounts then best to post here.

    Savings & investments — MoneySavingExpert Forum

    By the way the mentions on MSE ( which this forum is only very indirectly connected) do not take into account customer service, and are only related to the interest rates on offer and that they are covered by FSCS £85K.
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