Stove advice please :)

Hi, moved into a property yesterday with a multi-fuel stove. Leant on it today and it wobbled - looked behind it and the pipe out the back is rusted with a hole in it! :(
Can anyone advise what we do - was hoping to have this working soon (after a chimney sweep) as the boiler is currently broken too! :confounded:


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    If you don't know how to fix it yourself, you need a HETAS registered stove installer to install a new flue.
    Lighting it with a hole in the flue will fill the room with fumes.
    And check that the carbon monoxide alarm works.  Or get one if there isn't one there.
    If it sticks, force it.
    If it breaks, well it wasn't working right anyway.
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    Do what Ectophile says - if there's something wrong then a poorly fitted,or damaged soild fuel stove can produce carbon monoxide which is what kills people.

    Do not try lighting it, get a HETAS installer in to check it, repair it or even replace it.
    Never under estimate the power of stupid people in large numbers
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