Car Windscreen Nightmare - Avis chasing money after 8 months

We went to South Africa in March. HIred a car from Avis with Insurance. We had an issue where a flying piece of gravel caused a crack on the car windscreen. Avis did nothing about this and 6 months later, in September, decide they will invoice us for the damage. They said Corona Virus had caused delays in picking up on this.  If we want to claim on our car insurance for this, we had a 3 month window to do so which has now expired obviously. Avis refuse to listen and are now threatening legal action. 
Where do we stand? How can they decide 6 months later to chase up on incidents, leaving us without a leg to stand on as our insurance has now expired.


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    Is there anything in the Avis rental agreement terms and conditions which cover time limitation on reclaims for damage?
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    How much is the invoice for?
    Where was it issued, the South African Avis franchise or the headquarters there or elsewhere, and who exactly have issued threat of legal action?
    Have you been it touch with Avis UK about it?
    Are they not able to take the money from your card?
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  • Invoice for 4000Rand approx £ 200. We cancelled card to stop them taking money from it. It was issued by Avis SA and follow up demand for money is from Global Credit Solutions AG, specialising in chasing up X border debt. Ihavent been in touch with Avis UK about it, no.
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    So you know you broke the windscreen but now don’t want to pay for it? I don’t know the law of limitations in South Africa but in the UK they’d have up to 6 years (5 in scotland) to pursue you and so the 6 months is fairly quick, especially in the circumstances.

    How much was the excess on the insurance? Which “car insurance” are you talking about and what are the exact terms in relation to the 3 months?
  • Exactly that - NOW I dont want to pay for it. Was happy to pay for it within a few months of the incident when insurance was still valid. But to chase up some 7 -8 months later when insurance has expired I think is unreasonable. 
  • Did you get in touch shortly after handing back the keys, offering to pay?
    If you knew you had a 3 month window and time was rolling on I'd have got in touch and made them aware of this.
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