Help a true techie muppet please.

Right here we go.
I purchased an Apple reconditioned mobile a couple of months ago to get with it with a view to ditching my landline to save some money and getting with it using the mobile. My daughter set the thing up because I am clueless, got it working with Facebook, Whatsap, and others on it to use and the mobile is registered to ID mobile as a monthly provider for £7 a month cancelled at any time. This mobile would replace the need for a landline and when I get the right assistance as to what laptop to get, a refurbished so as to get more for my money this would replace my PC and make it easier to access and more likely that I would get down to learning how to fill in the blanks in daily life as it is now? I thought that I could use the broadband on my mobile to use with my PC cutting costs and becoming more efficient. As I have come to believe if I'm right I still have to have a landline to get broadband on top of what I pay for my mobile so I'm not going to save a lot. Virgin is my current provider of broadband and line at a cost of £26 a month, contract to end on the 10th December so I've got to get it sorted soon to give the 1 months notice to quit or face the whopping £18 saving I get for the package on top of the £26 I pay monthly. I am the ultimate muppet I had my first swipe mobile for almost 18 months before I knew how to turn it on and do a text message. My children send me texts because if you phone me I shall miss the call because I forget where the mobile is and it was an age before I learnt that you swiped the phone symbol across to answer the call, Derrrr that's how bad I am. So who and what is the best way to get broadband to use my mobile and PC. Any help with what type of laptop to go with would be great but I think I shall have to go on another forum site. Thankyou.
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    In theory you can do exactly what you are hoping for - you can share the 'broadband' connection on your mobile phone with a PC / Laptop by using a Wi-Fi hotspot feature on your mobile. You could then cancel your landline / broadband with Virgin and just use your mobile hotspot for internet access.

    It won't be as fast as your Virgin broadband and might be a bit tricky to use considering you confess to being a "techie muppet" but it will work.

    Does your PC connect using Wifi or Ethernet (cable)? It will need Wifi connectivity if you want the mobile hotspot solution to work with it.
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    What will you require data for ??

    PC connection
    Two basic choices  mobile  network dongle   , depends upon mobile signal .
    Or  VM broadband  and connect over cable or wifi .
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