VPN suggestions

I'm thinking to subscrive to a VPN service but I have no clue where to look for. What should I look for when choosing a VPN service?
Any suggestions??
I know there are free from charge VPN providers too; are them any good? If so which one would you suggest?
I've been reading that free VPN services are usually not that good and safe.
I'm also interested in payed VPN (the cheaper, the better of course) which provide a good services.
Thanks everyone for helping!


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    I'd definitely avoid any of the "free" services as since all your traffic will be going through their servers, they'll be able to see every website you visit and snoop on all your data - it opens you up to a whole raft of security concerns.

    For me what matters most is that they have servers in the countries I want, and that they have a "no logs" policy to protect my data. Ideally, they should also be based in a country without mandatory data retention laws (eg. not UK, US, etc). Ultimately you need to know what you want to get out of a VPN - if it is just for the whole "encryption" thing then keep in mind pretty much all internet traffic is encrypted anyway (read up on https) so a VPN won't add much value there. If you're using it for anonymity/privacy or to access geoblocked content then there is definitely value to be had and the choice of provider may be crucial.

    In all honesty a quick google search for "best VPN" will tell you everything you need to know better than I can. Personally however I've been with NordVPN the last few years and I've also used Private Internet Access and can recommend both. All the major players in the paid VPN space do broadly the same thing, so as long as you choose someone reputable that does what you want then you're probably set.

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    How long before this thread attracts the spammers? 🙄
    (Happens all the time with VPN threads in the Techie Stuff board).
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    What do you need the VPN for? Sometimes it is about absolute privacy or encryption, other times just wanting to play Netflix movies only available in a different country for example. Do you need high performance / bandwidth from your VPN or just occasional light use. Depending on your reasons then it can vary as to which provider is better for you.

    If you don't want to reveal the reason, that's fine, take a look at reviews of VPN's from techradar to help steer your choice:
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    Thanks everyone for your replies!
    By doing some research online (and from the link posted above too), there is a lot to choose from.
    The ones I would be interested to hear some feedback from:
    ExpressVPN - it seems the most acclaimed one thought also the most expensive one.
    NordVPN - It seems a good all around one and reasonably priced.
    VyprVPN - It seems it has the same features as NordVPN and similar price too.
    For what I need the VPN, I would probably go either for NordVPN or VyprVPN; any suggestions based on personal experience?
    I checked out the Apps reviews and both have quite negative ones among the good ones too. Ideally I would go for the one which is easier and with less troubles to use.
    Thanks for helping!

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    A lot depends upon why you need a VPN and for what services and on what you want to use . .
    Are there specific servers you wish to connect to .
    What does good service mean in regard to a VPN. do you know how they work .
    I have a number  and just signed with IPVanish for a specific reason .Also a 73% discount at present and 30 day money back . No idea how good or bad they are yet so its not spam .
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    As above - it'll ultimately depend on what you want out of a VPN.

    I can vouch for NordVPN though - I've used it the last few years and the only time I've had to contact live chat customer support they've been able to sort out my problem very quickly. Based in Panama so privacy is a bit better than US/UK-based providers. Also, I haven't noticed a huge drop in speed when using their servers and it's able to access of the international content I need as well - so it fitts my bill nicely. App/Desktop applications are very simple to use, but also very powerful if you want to custom configure everything.

    Also - no matter which VPN you go for I'd recommend looking for cashback offers on topcashback/quidco/etc. I got a massive cashback on top of a massive discount when I took out my last subscription.
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    Quidco offering excellent Cashback on Express VPN ( 12 months works out free after cashback) and Private Internet Access  whom I have used for several years
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    I use Surf Shark.  I’ve not had any issues and it does what I need it to do.
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