Subsidised Replacement Boiler?

Hi, I have an old (20 years plus),inefficient,illegal (?),Baxi Bermuda Back Boiler which provides me with my hot water and heating.I would like to replace it with a modern Combi Boiler but back away from doing anything when I am confronted by the cost to change (say,£4k all in).I am a retired homeowner with a small pension and limited resources,but do not receive any benefits which seems to exclude me from any financial help (eg ECO Scheme).Is there anywhere I can go for support/grant/subsidy? I would be happy to pay a part of the upgrade,but cannot commit to the full amount,so continue to exist in a cool environment where the hot water (never enough for a bath) takes around 1 minute to filter through...Any thoughts/suggestions/guidance greatly appreciated.Thank You,Alan/Greater Manchester.


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