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So we have lived in our home for 3 years now and have just found out that we are on a shared supply with our neighbour and its all going through our meter! Just wondering if anyone has had the same thing happen to them and how you went about getting some of the money back that we have clearly been over charged by. United Utilities have said they will relocate the current meter to be just on our supply and assess what we should have been charged,recalculate,clear the balance then refund us the difference but my worry is that isn't just our balance and our neighbour pays a standard rate so effectively they have had the money twice?


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    By 'standard rate' I assume you mean unmetered tariff based on his Rateable Value??
    When the new meter is fitted they will measure your consumption over a set period - usually a few weeks - and use that consumption as the basis to calculate your past consumption. So it makes sense to initially use as little water as possible.

    I don't understand your point about United Utilities getting their money twice. If the meter had been correctly installed when you moved in, it would make no difference to the charges your neighbour had to pay. You have clearly been over-paying, but that over-payment will be refunded to you. So both you and your neighbour will have paid the correct amount.
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