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    twopenny said:
    It's been so hot here and still bone dry. Being the end of the year everything is looking very sorry for itself getting summer temperature
    I'm starting to wonder if it'll ever rain again. Its so warm I'm having to leave windows open day and night or I'm sweating. Leaves are starting to drop but can't get the blower out as its a dustbowl here and I'll need a mask not to choke to death from the inevitable dust storm. Its ever so handy for getting them out from the dense shrub rose bed its impossible to get a rake between the forest of stems

    Beans are done for lack of rain but tomatoes well I picked a bowlful yesterday at least they're reliable under glass
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    So much like the Strawberry Tree Goldfinches.
    Can be used but not worth the effort.
    Quince jelly is delicious but so much hard work I keep my eye open for some someone else has made ;-)
    Noted Dave, I tried Asters last year but they didn't thrive either apart from the original variety - which at the moment are tall and cloud like and looking good.
    Have a nice day Farway, sometimes it's nice to be on your own so you can spend as long as you want undisturbed. And you can then share with the family next time.

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    Dry here on Saturday, drizzle yesterday - but no gardening (or other outdoor activities) on our agenda as still too busy forging ahead with our wall removal.

    Being a hideous mix of stone, brick and rubble, it's still not completely down, although the acrows are in place and a lovely pair of ancient timber lintels (over 3m long) that used to bridge the gap where carts came into the old mill have been revealed 😃

    Heavy rain over night, but it's cleared away now....however, I don't feel remotely in the mood for rockery soil clearance today 🙄 

    We have one aster (mauve) - it wasn't doing very well in one of the sunnier (although that's all rather relative here in Wales, lol!) beds which was where we planted it in 2018, so was moved to the top level of the rockery a couple of years back. Now - out of necessity - it's getting moved again, although not sure where yet. It's not a particularly healthy example, so might end up losing it 🙁
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    Lovely dave. Mine had scarpered pdq when i stepped back to turn the light off. Must be shy, my last house one ambled around my ankles.
    Farway, glad you found a way to get out and around. You reminded me that id been planning garden visots during lockdown. But the crowds and traffic this summer made it impossible. Now it's too late.
    Do you know about the Trampers to hire with national park and national trust places? 4 wheel drive mobility. Look great fun.
    Rain bucketed down last night and some today. The plants have shot out new flower buds already.

    The only normal people you know are the ones you don’t know very well

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    Farway said:

    Plus they have loads of ripe outdoor tomatoes with not a sign of blight, boo :/ , and the wall of climbing nasturtiums is caterpillar free as well:blush:
    Yes, and they  ripen sweet peppers outdoors here while mine are still struggling in the polytunnel. Very suspicious!
    I managed a bit of clearance in the stream bed this morning, not that there's any water in there yet, but it won't be long before there is. All the recent rain has just been absorbed by the parched ground.
    I think it was sunny this afternoon, but I slept through it:blush: Are you asymptomatic, wort? DB reckons I'm psychosomatic!:wink:
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