Trying to stay in the black

Single mum of two desperately trying to make good financial decisions and get out of my overdraft despite endless outgoings!


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    Good luck 👍
    January spends - £587.58
  • Thanks milann!
  • So many good people here to help if you want. 
  • Quick review of weekend spends - some good decisions, a couple not so good. Must try better.

    Yesterday a couple of very small spends on first class stamp and fabric softener and washing powder - used vouchers to pay for most of this. However needed a new microwave (although did buy the cheapest and had £5 voucher off) and treated my mum to dinner out. Very expensive meal but the least I can do after everything she does for me. 

    Today outgoings were church collection and about £7 spent in McDonald’s. 

    So I’m finishing the week at £320 into my overdraft. Have only a small amount of incomings this week but I am hoping to end next week with a slightly lower figure. There is food in the cupboards and petrol in the car. Let’s see how well we can do...
  • I am in total agreement PassElephant!

    So my plans to not spend didn’t get too far. Started this morning with a mot reminder letter. Phoned up foolishly thinking it would be postponed due to coronavirus. Wrong! Booked in. 30 quid. Had to then book the car in for it’s service before hand. Not covered by my service plan, of course! That’ll be another £45 later in the week. 

    About £15 spent this afternoon on top up shop (seem to need these every other day! Think I could do better here), pet food and a few bits for the kids from the charity shop.

    Just feels like one of those days.
  • Oh and a payment for some petrol hadn’t cleared from my account when I posted yesterday so the overdraft is actually sitting at -£350, not -£320. 

    More positive vibes tomorrow!!
  • Thankfully not much spending to report today. Just £4 on a couple of necessary household things.

    Looking forward to the day where I can put some money in to a savings account! A far off day at the minute but good to keep in mind all the same. 
  • This morning wasn’t too bad spend wise. Just £6 on laptop cover and £5 on top up shop. 

    However took my car for its service and needed new brake pads and wiper blades. 200 quid. Then needed to renew a policy for work. Another £80. 

    Had £100 of my incomings from Monday left so threw that at the overdraft but it is still sitting at -£535. 

    Currently looking at getting some extra income to help improve this picture!!
  • £15 spent in Tesc* today. Some money coming in on Sunday. Things going to keep looking worse until then. 
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    Another reason it’s hard to keep a positive bank balance is that I’m half way through some work on the house. Thankfully it’s being done slowly and a lot of materials have already been bought. Spent £27 today on a clock and a picture frame. Also £15 spent on food and drink out and £16 on haircut. 

    Some money came in early today. All thrown at the overdraft and finishing the day at -£130. Much better than yesterday but always a bit disheartening seeing that negative. Would be much worse though if I wasn’t being mindful. 
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