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Confusion over TV licence payment between two properties

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Confusion over TV licence payment between two properties

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littlerocklittlerock Forumite
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My mother who has recently turned  76, lives independently in her own house.  She has a standing order for her TV licence. Last November  she arranged for some major building work on her house and moved into a local flat while this done . She took her smsrt TV with her into the flat which was unfurnished.

 Building work was delayed by lockdown and she  continued to pay the TV licence by SO  for the house thinking this covered the TV itself which she was now viewing in the flat. She assumed  she did not need a separate TV licence for the flat at due to her being over 75 and eligible for concession  on TV licence.    

This week she received a letter at the rented flat, from the TV licensing asuthority,  saying she is liable for  a TV licence fee for the rented flat. Not sure over what period .She plsns to move back into her house in  late October . Meanwhile her TV licence is paid up to date for the house. Does anyone understand current location liability of my ma to  pay tv licence fee for flat?  Can you explain it to me.:-)


  • ChinoChino Forumite
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    Do I need a TV Licence to watch TV away from home?

    If you’re watching away from your home on a phone, tablet or laptop, and:

    • you plug your device into the mains, you’ll be covered if that property already has a TV Licence (e.g. you go to a friend’s house and they have a licence). Otherwise, you’ll need to buy a separate TV Licence for that property.
    • your device is not plugged in (i.e. you’re watching or recording live TV programmes on any channel, or downloading or watching BBC programmes on iPlayer, using devices powered solely by internal batteries) you will be covered by your home TV Licence.

  • Mickey666Mickey666 Forumite
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    TVL have probably sent a letter simply because they have no record of a licence at the flat’s address.  It’s unlikely they know anything of the occupant’s circumstances.  
    How long before the building work is finished and they move back to their main home?  If it’s not very long, I’d be inclined to simply ignore the letters because it will be a while before TVL escalate things to a visit and even then just don’t answer the door, give a name or let them in.  If they are going to be in the flat for a fair bit of time, or want to be strictly legal, then just cancel the licence at the main house and transfer it to the flat.
  • Rodders53Rodders53 Forumite
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    M. should have transferred the licence to the temporary flat (i.e. notify them of a change of address) and then do the same when she moves back in after works completed.  TVL would then have sent a similar 'to the occupier' letter to the old address.
    As to whether it's worth that now, or writing to TVL to explain the situation with the date of the move, is possibly questionable? 
  • Hilary_BrightHilary_Bright Forumite
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    TVL are refusing to refund licence money. After selling my flat, I went to stay with friends before moving into my new property but I forgot to cancel my direct debit. I explained to TVL this was an oversight and when I realised I no longer needed a licence I did cancel the direct debit. I then requested a refund for the 5 months licence money I need not have paid because I was no longer living at the address. When I moved into my new flat and applied for a new licence they decided to charge me double for missed payments. Of course I queried this. They replied saying they are under no legal obligation to make refunds and because the licence was not cancelled when I moved out of the property my licence continued to remain active. Would be grateful for advice.  
  • JJ_EganJJ_Egan Forumite
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    They did not know you had moved out .
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    CornucopiaCornucopia Forumite
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    ... When I moved into my new flat and applied for a new licence they decided to charge me double for missed payments...
    I suspect that the "charging double" is simply the standard process for the first 6 months of a new Licence.   The excess remains as a credit on your account, and will be refunded if you ever cancel.   

    If the overcharge is a large amount to you, you could try appealing to either the TVL Operations Director or the BBC's Head of Revenue Management - both addresses are on the TVL complaints page.
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