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Catchup tv dropping out

castle96castle96 Forumite
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This happens every 2-3 days on my Samsung smart tv. "Connect your broadband....) TV continues to work, I can see alll programs on Sky/Terrestial and access my recorded programs.
Turn off sky > turn off router > turn both on > ok then.
TV is connected by Wifi (I did have it connected by ethernet AS WEE, but this caused problems (forgotten what). 
Any ideas how to stop the above happening all the time ? Thanks


  • BrowntoaBrowntoa Forumite, Board Guide
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    I'm confused .

    Is it your sky box dropping connection ? If so is it built in WiFi or the older with a separate wireless box .

    Or is it the TV dropping connection
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  • castle96castle96 Forumite
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    yeah, I don't know. TV is 8 yrs old. Had the same router/sky box for 7 years. Sky Does have a separate/small sky box called 'wireless connecter mini plugged in
  • tempus_fugittempus_fugit Forumite
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    We had these type of issues with an old Sky router and when I called them about it they sent a new “Sky Q” router. It looks nicer but can’t say for sure that it works any better than the old one.
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