Young couple saving for a house while renting privetly and paying off a loan

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    A clothes airer. Only usually about 8 quid in the supermarkets. Takes up a bit of space but far better than putting straight on the radiator and they fold up when you’re done.

    Like this:

    August 2019: £28.8k

    November 2020: £0 (0% interest)

    My debt free diary:


  • Hiya Ryan

    Those are exactly what I have. I have two straight standing lines and one that opens vertically rather than straight. I've clothes sitting on one of the straight standing line and some on the vertical line and I've had the heating on full blast since 5pm until around 8pm so I plan on putting the heating on again around half 5ish tomorrow morning and I'll ask my FIL to knock it off for 9 so hopefully that has given it time to dry but he'll put them on the radiator regardless just to ignore my advice not too completely 🙄

    The problem is, this house is over 30 plus years old and I'm sure the landlord never bothered checking it out before my FIL started renting the house so obviously over the years the nooks and crannies have widened and we can feel the breeze whaft in most times. It's grand if it's the Summer time but come winter, putting the heating on seems like a waste of money as the heat goes outside as the windows are brutal. Que explaining this to landlord, couldn't give a $hite if he tried too so often it's layer yourself up and hope for the best. Another reason why myself and OH are desperate to buy our own house. We would fix this problem ourselves workout having to I form anyone 

    Thanks for replying back! 

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    Ahh I see. Other thing is making sure it gets a good spin so doesn’t come out of the machine too wet but you’ve probably got that one covered as well. I found tumble drying wrecked my clothes...

    August 2019: £28.8k

    November 2020: £0 (0% interest)

    My debt free diary:


  • Happy Thursday! Payday!

    It's double pay day today as I am off work next week so rather than paying me for next week, they put double in my account. I do get irritated and flustered over this but that's the way it is. Then my next payday isn't until the Thursday until I return to work. So essentially I have to budget! 

    I took rent out for this week and next week so that's out of sight and out of mind (€240). Then I put this week's and next week's savings in my savings account (€400) I put this week's and next weeks Christmas money into my Christmas account (€100) I put this week's and next weeks car insurance into my insurance account (€40) and I put €10 into my Rainy day account.

    Total amount so far.... 

    Savings - €4,639.23 (House deposit is €30,000!)

    Christmas savings - €278.26 (Aiming for €500 by November and then by December I hope to turn this account into a double savings towards house furniture and appliances so I've no intentions of touching it but I can use it as an "emergency funds" without touching my first savings account)

    Car and Tax insurance - €180 (Insurance due June 2021 €800. My tax is due Feb 2021 and my insurance is due June 2021. I pay yearly so I don't have to worry about monthly payments and I prefer to save so I have enough to pay straight away rather than dipping into savings) . 

    Rainy day funds - €41.45 (I don't have a set aim for this as I used this as a "treat account" if I want to purchase anything but I would like to build it up a little bit and possibly buy myself some nice Christmas outfits). 

    Total amount in my account now - €244.39. 

    Luckily I don't have to do a lunch and dinner shop tomorrow as I've enough foods that I can have a mixture of days to make something different. I'll have plenty of time to make whatever I want so I'm not rushed for time or I don't need to arrange a set day to make something.

    I do have plans on making the Sunday Dinner with all the trimmings for myself, OH, FIL and LO so that will be fun to do on Sunday.

    That also reminds me to do a clear out of the fridge as my OH has a habit of buying foods and not eating them and leaving the foods in the fridge for weeks on end!

    I don't need to buy petrol. I don't need to buy dog food. I've plenty of shower gels and shampoos so I'm sorted for them. There's nothing major I need to buy so really I don't think I need much in Lidl apart from the makings for Sunday dinner which I'm chuffed about. All the budgeting, watching what I'm spending my money on and pretty much stock piling (when needed) comes handy as it's been a long long long time since I've seen over €200 in my account and it's actually mine. I don't have to worry about loans. I don't have to worry about direct debits (although my health insurance is due next Thursday which is €44.58). 

    Tomorrow is Friday so of course that's take away night and that will probably be my first spends. This weekend LO is staying over and the weather is supposed to be rubbish so I doubt we'll be doing too much but we'll see how the days pan out. I'm not counting on NSDs this weekend as I've a feeling we'll end up taking LO out and I love spoiling them. 

    Other wise my money is sorted for the next 10 days. To do whatever I see fit doing. It feels so refreshing knowing that everything can seem a lot clearer when you know you can budget and look at what exactly you're spending money on and especially when you have no loans! 

    My OH is due a check in the next couple of weeks and he's hoping it's more than enough to cover the majority of his loan which might end up going down to €4,000 so if that's the case, I've told him I will help him and he could be completely loan free by December, doubling the amount we can save each month. So fingers cross this is possible! 

    Other than that, all seems grand today. Work flew by. I had my turkey Lasagne when I came home from work. I'm going to have a shower and OH is going to make his meals for tomorrow. One more day and I am work free for a week! 

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    I'm also counting down to time off work. One more day and then two weeks off work :)

  • I'm also counting down to time off work. One more day and then two weeks off work :)

    It's moreso the knowing you don't have to wake up at silly O clock 🥰
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    The time off is much deserved! You’re doing really well on the savings. Keep it up.

    I look forward to joining the house deposit saving club once I’m finally debt free! Have about £200 in my LISA at the moment, every little helps I guess :lol:

    August 2019: £28.8k

    November 2020: £0 (0% interest)

    My debt free diary:


  • ryanm8655 said:
    The time off is much deserved! You’re doing really well on the savings. Keep it up.

    I look forward to joining the house deposit saving club once I’m finally debt free! Have about £200 in my LISA at the moment, every little helps I guess :lol:

    The time off will honestly be the time to catch up on the days I don't get to relax when I do have a day off 😂 

    200pounds is better than having 0 as far as I see it. You've to start somewhere and that somewhere will be your 200pounds 😊

    Thanks for the encouragement! 
  • The second I clocked out from work at 2.30pm, was the time to start enjoying my week off! I skipped out of work and the expression, I didn't look back was literal. I waved my hands in the air to people behind me and off I went! 

    I even treated myself to a pair of leggings from Penneys (or Primark as the English would know it as!) for €8. Now I'm not the skinniest at the slightest but I managed to grab a childrens size 14-15 years in a pair of leggings that were new in store and seeing as they are the exact same pair that are selling in Zara for €16, I knew it was an absolute bargain!! I skipped out to my car with my new purchase and the fact I treated myself, guilt free!! I know some people would say €8 is nothing but seeing as I'm not a huge shopper or spender of clothes and I really have to like something enough to want to buy it, I really did get my monies worth and it was something I know I will wear over and over again. 

    I went to Lidl straight after work to pick up a couple of bits and washing bits. Nothing that really requires much cooking and I picked up a couple of bits for my OH and LO so we are all fed and happy this weekend. I spent €24.14 in total which was brilliant. The shop was surprisenly busy for the time I went in which was unusual but I was in and out less than 15 mins. 

    I went home and headed for the shower. At this point I was exhausted but I wasn't overly sleepy so I told my OH ill make his meals for tomorrow and then we can order a take out for our treat meals. OH said he wanted something else instead of what I was getting so he would pay for his own meal seeing as it ment that we weren't paying for something the other didn't want. I didn't mind whatsoever. I ordered a Chinese Take out and OH got a pizza meal deal from Domino's. My take out meal was €15.80 (I didn't get the makings for the Sunday dinner as I will admit the chicken I wanted to buy that was on special honestly didn't look the best and I asked my FIL if he wanted the dinner and he said no and my OH said he wanted to try something different for LO so I wasn't going to make it for myself so I just bought bits to eat for a couple of days as I've already got plenty to last me the week) 

    My total spends for today was €47.94 which I have now have €194.54 left in my account to last me 14 days. Honestly I can't see all of this being spent and I've a feeling by my next payday I will probably get to put some into my Christmas and rainy day savings but I'm not going to feel guilty if I don't either.

    My friends will be in work while I'm off, my OH and my Mam will also be in work so I won't be doing much meeting up or heading out although I do have plans to meet a friend who is currently on maternity leave at the minute during the week which most likely be a walk in the park as she doesn't feel overly comfortable sitting in a restaurant and god love her, she's still weary about people going to her house for a cup of tea and a chat as restrictions are still on going but nevertheless we have WhatsApp video call if push comes to shove but I'll be looking forward to seeing her and her baby as I miss her terribly in work. I have also made a point to visit my grandparents but again, I'll see how they are feeling as my granddad is still a little bit on edge about the restrictions. Although it's not a huge lockdown, it's the fact that I work with the public and my OH works in a hospital that my family, also they love and miss me, they desperately don't want to risk anything. Especially my grandparent's. They are both cancer survivors and two of my biggest hero's next to my Mam who is my number 1 hero! 

    I might have to make a trip to the shops for my OH tomorrow as he asked me too while he's in work but I'll see how the day pans out as I've a bit of cleaning to catch up on before LO stays over for the weekend. LO is growing more and more every time I see them and I find the time I spend with them is the times I cherish wholeheartedly. My OH has a pass for them to enter a play center for free so I'm hoping we can go there to entertain them but again, current situations and the weather being rubbish, we'll see but so far it's looking like a chilled weekend. 

    I'm surprised I'm not passed out now but I felt I had to update my diary and keep a note of how much I spent today. 

    Happy Friday 😁 X

  • Hi!

    It was such a chill morning. I rose from the bed at 10am. I can't remember the last time I even stayed in bed past 8am so when I woke up I was feeling extremely chilled and decided to make myself and my FIL sausages, rashers, toast and beans for breakfast. I rarely ever make that for breakfast and I was feeling good this morning. My OH was in work early so he didn't get to experience the rare cooked breakfast I made. 

    While I was cooking I put a bed sheet wash and other loads in the machine and hung them out to dry as the sun was beating down all morning and up until now its still continuing. Bearing in mind you can feel the cold chill pass from time to time but the heat of the sun is really nice. After we ate our breakfast I done a clean up and mopped the floors and hoovered the rooms. Nothing to strenuous but it makes a difference. 

    My FIL asked if I was going to Lidl at any point today. Luckily I was as I needed to buy limescale remover for the washing machine as the machine is making rusty noises and in fairness I haven't been looking after the machine since I bought it last year so it was in dire need to be cleaned out. In saying that it's still under warrenty as well so if the lime scale remover doesn't work then I can look into getting it fixed but it seems fine for now. I was supposed to buy it yesterday but I was hoping the noise from the machine wasn't going to be as bad. Tesco sell Calgon for €10 and Lidl sell the exact same thing, exact same amount in a box and does the exact same job, for €4.91. You didn't need to tell me twice to go to Lidl. I also picked up a plug in air fresher for my room as I absolutely love the smell that comes from the plug in defusiors. That was €2.94 and it included the oil and a bag of roaster potatoes for €2.49 for my FIL. 

    Total amount spends today €9.34.

    My OHs sister dropped into the house for a quick chat and cup of tea with her son. It was nice to see them as I haven't seen them in months. She brought up some clothes she was throwing out and asked if I wanted to keep anything. Unfortunately all was lovely items, none fit me. It would of been nice to get my hands on some free clothes haha!

    OH is on the way to pick up LO so we have them for the weekend and I'm really looking forward to seeing them. His sister brought up loads of dressy up outfits for them to mess around in so no doubt it'll be a weekend of either being a buzzy bee, a fairy princess or a cowgirl. The choice is all there's and granted they will be absolutely thrilled to see a surprise waiting for them. 

    Today was just a chilled relaxing day with a surprise visit and loads of tea!

    Obviously I did say I might not have a NSDs day and lo and behold, I didnt but I bought what I needed. 

    Happy Saturday 😊 X
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