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PCN never received

Hi All,
I've read newbie and many other threads but I couldn't find a solution to my situation. That's why I would like to ask for your advice.

Here is my case:
I just received a DRP letter charging me £170. (yes another DRP scenario, just read on) The thing is I never received any PCN letter nor parking ticket So I wasn't aware of this fine and therefore I didn't get a chance to appeal nor pay a fine at a lower rate. I didn't move, my address was never changed so no idea why I didn't receive it or if they even sent it. But because I didn't get that letter  I believe they failed to fulfill the law requirement by not sending me notice within 28 days (an incident occurred more than a month ago ) so I believe I am in law here. Unfortunately, there is no way how to prove that I didn't receive this PCN or that they didn't send it.
Now for my options, I could just ignore this DRP notice as you suggest in every thread and wait until it gets worse and possibly ends at Court.
Or I could contact the parking company (Initial Parking Ltd), inform them about my case letting them know about me, and ask them to cancel this. I am sure they will try to get this fine paid so they will argue saying they sent letters etc... eventually making me pay it (but possibly at the original price?) Is it worth to try this approach? And what should I write to them?

So what do you suggest to do in this scenario, ignore it or contact PPC and argue?
I thank everyone for any advice.
Best regards


  • Redx
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    You could email their DPO at Initial with a SAR and attach a copy of the V5C as proof of I D under the GDPR law , to get copies of the ntk , pictures and your data etc, then you will know if they did send it and if they complied with POFA , but it is not mandatory and there is no 28 day period anyway

    Get your V5C out and double check the name and address are correct first
  • Fruitcake
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    It is not a fine.

    Check the address on your V5C.

    Ignore DRP.

    Send an SAR to the PPC as per the NEWBIES. This should flush out the original PCN.

    Complain to the landowner

    Complain to your MP

    Read this thread and comment on the draft CoP . It is vitally important that everyone does this.
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  • Alder25
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     I received response to my SAR request with photos and copy of PCN/ NTK. The address on PCN is correct, yet I never received it. ( I think they didn't send it on purpose!) Now, it's more then 3 months since this notice were issued and I am not able to appeal on their website and even PCN mentions that I must appeal within 28 days.
    I definetly want to appeal as I think this fine was issued under unfair conditions and also I read in some threads that your blue temple usually works with Initial Parking. I am not paying 170!

    So, is it possible to renew appeal process? If I ask them to give me chance to appeal because I recieved this information just recently, will they?
  • Redx
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    I doubt it but try an appeal anyway , regardless

    But a landowner cancellation is always the best option
  • martinm1
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    I have just had this very thing with CPM Ltd, I appealed to them and they said it was served so no chance to pay the reduced charge, "just unfortunate I didnt receive it".  I then went through their appeal process and that was rejected, went to the independant appeal panel, and that was rejected.  As soon as you appeal then you no longer have the opportunity to pay the reduced charge.  In the end I've just payed up, as the charge increases to £160 if remains unpaid - then its off to court.  didnt want to risk losing, as not sure how you can prove you didnt receive the first notice.  

    Alder - what did you do and what was the outcome ?
  • Coupon-mad
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    The charge doesn't lawfully increase and you should never have paid your one, @martinm1.  No reason to and they couldn't lawfully add fake costs.  There was no CCJ risk if you'd followed our advice.

    Also your case is not the same, as yours didn't involve a BPA firm and POPLA.  No victim should just pay up to make these go away.  If's funding the scam and not the raison d'etre of this site or forum.
    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
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  • Daqiom
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    I am finding myself in a similar situation and would like some advice please. On our return from holiday today (18/08/2023) I found a letter from DRP asking me to pay £170 for a supposed PCN for a parking charge dated early June. I never received any PCN prior to receiving the DRP letter.

    What made me very upset about this is that I did pay for the parking at the station and luckily I still have the parking ticket (fortunately I keep my parking tickets in the glove compartment). Had I received the PCN I would have immediately appealed.

    I contacted both DRP and Euro Car Parks Ltd but they both say to contact the other party and cannot do anything to stop the debt collection action at this point. I sent them both a copy of my parking ticket (clearly showing the date, location and registration number).

    What can I do to avoid this unfair charge? Do I have any other option? DRP said I had until the middle of next week to pay before they start legal action.
  • KeithP
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    @Daqiom, welcome.

    To get the help you are looking for you need to start your own thread.
    Trying to progress your issue on this thread will only lead to confusion.
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