Octopus Energy (COOP transferee)

I was for years with COOP on a standard old rates type contract which was quarterly billing (Green Pionier). I never paid on estimates only on an actual bill that worked for years. I noted on the transfer stated that NOTHING will change from our contracts or billing, the move went ahead and I got an initial bill in Dec19 which I paid, I heard nothing from them until I got a meter reading every month, didn't need to open my account as it was due to be billed, right? Wrong! They had been billing me monthly on accrual and the pricing and estimates didn't make sense as I was giving them a reading, meter reader came around and read it. Still, this wasn't updated on my account. So, I questioned why? They told me I transferred my contract to theirs in December which I didn't, then they replied with your contract no longer exists and so they put me on another tariff, sorry? I thought you need to get my agreement to change contracts, they have now come back and refuse to put me back on my quarterly tariff as it no longer exists, so basically suck it up we own you!

So, I have made a complaint to the Ombudsman for Breach of Contract. They say it's a cheaper tariff and that I am paying on DD, which I NEVER DO.
Anyone else notice them changing it at their own will? or advise on what I should do next?


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