Taking Anglian water account off Experian

about 3 years ago me and my ex broke up, Anglian water was a bill I rang up about and set up an account solely in my name,I’ve paid the account on time each month and had no problems.
last month an update on my credit report came up, Anglian water arrears of £67 and dated back 3 years ago with a tag on it saying ‘ account holder has moved address and not given new address’ . I thought it was strange as I have my Anglian water account up and it’s all up to date ( and I’ve never moved address ) I rang up and enquired and they said no that shouldn’t be there you’ve never missed a payment etc.
So I went to dispute with Experian thinking they made a mistake, experian told me to ring AW back as only they can delete off your file if it’s a mistake, upon ringing them again I’ve find out the £67 arrears was in fact the old Anglian water account, my ex left and the debt followed her, the account it turns out was in joint names, but Anglian water only had her details and have been phoning/ringing/emailing since and no reply from her , that was until last month she’s given them my details and it’s popped up on my credit report with Experian. 
I explained I’ve never had contact about a missed payment and they’ve acknowledged that I would have had no idea about this account in arrears as they only had my ex’s name on the billing info. I’ve done the morale thing and paid the £67 there and then As I would have done 3 years ago if I was aware ! . The gentleman on the phone said there’s a 90% chance it’s going to be wiped from my credit report so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

has anyone out there got similar experiences and what was the outcome ?! 

Kind regards
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