How to educate daughters pencil case habit!

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Not sure this isn’t the right forum but I’ll give it a go!

my daughter had an obsession with Smiggle the pencil cases in the last few years.  They look great but are hopelessly expensive.  She spent all her pocket money on them and has a healthy collection.
however, she hasn’t now decided she doesn’t want them and wants to buy another car be which is non Smiggle. I want to try and educate her in the ways of wastage of money and pencil cases given that the last ones were so expensive.  She is 10 and we have considered trying to sell the old ones but just wondered if anyone has any ideas!


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    reminds me of when i was living at home.  my dad was always trying to stop me spending my money on what i wanted and my mother would encourage me to do so as she said i should be able to do what i want with my money.  needless to say my dad was money conscious and my mum was a big spender.

    effectively you want to teach her the concept of value for money.  i am not sure you could even teach this to an adult so it would be difficult to teach it to a 10 year old  :)
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    I found once we started giving our daughter pocket money monthly she made much better choices. She thought about if she really wanted it and if she was getting a good deal. She would often think about something and then get it at a later date or not bother if she found she hadn't thought about it since. However didn't you say your daughter spends her own pocket money on the pencil cases? I think the only thing you can do is say to her that she has lots of nice pencil cases and you can only use one at a time so would she not like to get something else? Other than that I think we sometimes need to let kids make mistakes so they learn from the experience. 
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    Let her know that  if she now wants a different case, she will either have to swap one with a friend or sell one to obtain the money to buy - no new pocket money should be spent on the new case
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    Probably better she spends her pocket money on them, than on chocolate.
    But a banker, engaged at enormous expense,
    Had the whole of their cash in his care.
    Lewis Carroll
  • Thats the point in pocket money as far as I can see. To make mistakes and learn from them.
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