Help - Options connecting freesat box to new wall mounted TV

Anyone advise the best solution please?

We have a long lounge wall with TV on a stand to the right end, out freesat box is linked from below with the feed cable running from the far left end (from outside)
We are having a new wall mounted TV and are having the socket moved higher behind the tv, the question is how to get the freesat signal to the tv with as little disruption as possible? (we are in a rural location (no fibre - wifi runs of a router on 4g) 

Option 1 - Bring the cable into the house (left end) into the freesat box then bring the hdmi cable out and up the outside wall (bungalow) into the loft over and down along with the new socket cable - Question if this will be difficult with the size of the hdmi ends or is there an option for a cable with removable ends?

Option 2 - Take the freesat feed cable and box direct into the loft, plug in up there and have some form of relay unit to transmit down to the tv? Will the signal get through the ceiling? whats available?

Option 3 - Similar to 2 leave the box in the lounge left end and somehow transmit a wireless signal to the tv

Option 4 -Just use the 4g wifi and hope its fast enough to run apps on a smart tv for catch up etc??

Were having work done now so really need to decide asap any help would really be appreciated.



  • Neil_Jones
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    You can't wireless a signal from a satellite dish to a box, you will need a cable from the LNB to the receiver.  Technical reasons to do with polarity.  Can't be done wirelessly, is done by sending signals up the cable.  Wireless HDMI does exist but it isn't cheap, and in some circumstances isn't particularly reliable either.

    The 4g you will have to try it yourself and see what sort of speed you get.  Get from free sims from the four network providers and see what sort of signal you get.
  • bill888
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    If your Freesat box doesn't have a recording function, have you considered getting a new TV with built-in Freesat.  All you then have to do is extend the existing Sky/Freesat satellite cable to the new TV.

    Option 2 - You can buy Remote control extenders.  Here is one example.  No guarantee it will work with the Infra Red remote controller supplied with your Freesat box.
    If your Freesat box gets warm/hot in normal use, putting it in the loft could lead to overheating in the summer - possible fire risk?

    Option 3 - I don't think that is even possible, at an affordable price with acceptable picture quality.
  • Thanks, I'm not trying to wifi from the satellite dish, I'm taking the cable from the dish then  into the freesat box, its there the problem arises I cant have the wires visible.
    So how about option 1 taking the cable outside up the wall then through the loft and back down, any detriment in picture quality?? Anyone do removable ends for hdmi cable to make it easier to get through the wall?

    I didnt know tv's came with freesat built in that could be possible just to reroute the sat cable through the loft?
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    Not a fan of long HDMI cables.  I believe there is a limit to their length before you have to start using amplifiers.  You'd soon know if the cable was too long or the quality of the cable you bought is poor, because the TV will start to misbehave.    Sorry, I don't know much about this subject.

    The HDMI connectors have 19 pins in them. I don't think I've come across 'removable ends'.  If they did exist, the connectors would have to be quite bulky to make them removable, which defeats the purpose!

    yes, no reason why you cannot route sat cable through loft if you use a TV with built-in freesat if you don't plan or cannot move the sat dish.  Easiest cabling option imho.  Samsung and LG sell Freesat TVs.  Have a quick search for 'freesat tv' on John Lewis website for examples.
  • bill888
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    ps. you posted in the 'Broadband and Internet Access' sub forum
    I don't know whether forum moderator can move this thread to the 'TV Moneysaving' subforum.
  • Thanks freesat tv looks the way to go with the cable pulled back outside, routed through the loft and down with the new socket cabling.

    Thanks for all the help.
  • mobileron
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    Firestick 3 inches long into back of tv no wires cable aerial,lots of things to watch.
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