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Broadband, mobile networks, international calls.

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I am in desperate need for help/advice/suggestions.
I will outline the problem as clearly as possible.
My elderly parents have a package which includes broadband, two mobile and-both are unlimited minutes and landline. I think they also had a few extras like friends and family and other things that I managed to persuade them they didn't need and cancelled the extras.
They both phone Africa a lot also which is an expense on top of their monthly payments which I think is around £79,but can go up to £200 with their international calls.
My mum spends a lot of time on the telephone chatting about anything and everything no matter what country she is phoning.
I have realised that they will always have international calls and trying to encourage to use the landline for international calls isn't working.
I just need a way that they can do it cheaper. It doesn't need to be a package for one company they can be separate.
Anyone any ideas.??


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