Managing multifuel stove that heats water and radiators - but no other heating.

Would be grateful for advice on the best way to manage the above.  At present I have a multifuel stove which doesn't do rads or water but I also have oil central heating (and an immersion heater).  The house I'm moving to (rented) has just a multifuel stove for water and heating (plus immersion).  So if I come home after a cold day at work I have to light the stove and wait for the house to warm up, or get out of bed into a cold bathroom first thing?  I don't yet know the brand of stove but am wondering about the best way of managing this.  Is there such a thing as a timer which will open the damper an hour before I get home/get up or similar for stoves if I can keep it going overnight?  Or will it have to be electric heaters - surely not in this day and age.

Would be very grateful for any advice on the best way of managing this.  Thanks.


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    I used to have a fire that heated the water and radiators.  It was not very good.  I had to shut off the radiators if I wanted a bath as it could not cope with both and on hot days I would still light the fire to heat the water as got firewood free and immersions expensive.  You will need secondary heating, there are some nice mobile gas fires using bottled gas which may work out cheaper than electric.  
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    I would think seriously about whether this rental is what you want. If it is, you will have to put up with the limitations of the system- yes, cold mornings and returns from work.
    Of course, if you are shielding or working from home,you just keep the multifuel going non-stop!
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    Our primary heating is a multi fuel stove.Two actually. We have an immersion heater for water on a digital timer,and the shower heats it's own water. We have wall mounted electric radiators,with timers,for when we don't light the stoves.

    The secret to heating with a stove,is to make sure each morning,it is cleaned out and ready to light later in the day,with fuel ready at the side.No exceptions.It takes five minutes.I can have the fire up the chimney and the chill off the rooms in under ten minutes.

    Regarding electric radiators,if you read many comments here about them,you will be led to believe they will put you in the poor house! Get on the tariff to suit you and it works. This is,of course a money saving forum,and by default,most contributors have an aversion to spending anything! lol.
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