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Easy Jet - can you change your flight free of charge and bring it forward?

I'm wondering - can I change our flights and bring them forward by 2 weeks free of charge? We are meant to travel to Portugal on 19th August for 12 day's but with the current rules on quarantine on return - we couldn't do that due to children returning to school and me returning to work, so thinking of bringing the whole holiday forward by 2 weeks to allow for Quarantine on return to the UK, does Easy Jet allow free of charge changes to bring the flights forward does anyone know? I've messaged Easy Jet but not getting a straight answer and don't want to change flights online to see, just in case it cancels them and charges us?? Thanks  


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    easyJet standard fares allow changes of date to be made with a change fee plus any difference in fare between that already paid and the current price of the new flights. It's worth checking whether buying new tickets and abandoning the originals would be cheaper.

    Whether any waiving of these costs would be granted in the circumstances seems unlikely, and I think only your perseverance in contacting them will provide a definite answer.

    You can check the cost of changes online, without fear of being charged or cancelled, before actually making and paying for the changes.

    But by the time of your return to UK on your currently planned date, there's probably a good chance that arrivals from Portugal are no longer required to quarantine...
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    Hi there, thanks so much for your advice here, I'm hoping like you say by the time we return on our original planned date that we no longer need to quarantine as would prefer to leave dates as is.  
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