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Scottish Power H E L P please!

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Wonder whether any of you can help me please.
This is on behalf of aged parents.
Reported to Scottish power way back in January that they had taken a direct debit for more than was agreed. 
Got given the run around for about a month about how this had occurred until a helpful lady advised me that it was the issue was with their app, I have this in writing in email form.
we agreed with her for us to leave Scottish Power and once gone we would come to an arrangement with owed amount.
We tried to leave Scottish Power in March and again I have emails from the helpful lady that as there had been a block put on account she was emailing to get them removed.
Nothing happened and EHU got involved - a complete waste of time they are!
They won't allow my parents to leave as was agreed.
They refuse to offer any other explanation than we send emails, despite what the helpful lady found out.
6 months on and I am still being lied to... now they claim to have 'tried to phone me and has my phone number altered!
Another Lie is they say readings not given since April yet I gave them over the phone to the supposed manager middle May!
They are refusing to believe the lady who found out it was their app, although they can't give an alternative reason.
They have offered £75 by way of goodwill gesture, but for 6 months for 2 oap's (both of who are in the vulnerable category so have had that to contend with as well) - although that really shouldn't come into it to be honest in my opinion. They should be treated with respect and not dealt with in this way by Scottish Power.

Can anybody advise on the best course please - I was thinking about contacting the BBC Watchdog programme?

Any help is appreciated as I am banging my head against a brick wall where Scottish Power are concerned!

My parents are of the generation that are worried and that is causing more family strain but Scottish Power don't care.
Sorry to have gone on a bit but any constructive advice any of you can give would be greatly appreciated


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