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Well I went to claim for my cat whoes a bit poorly at the mo and discovered on the form that she was down as 1 year old.  Actually the cat is 15, so I rang to chek what was down on the system and the bloke mentioned that the policy would have to be updated and back paid what I owed them over the last 2 years as the policy renewed.  I also have another cat who is 15 with ASDA pet insurence who was also down as 1 years old, which is a bit suspect, as I wouldn'thave made the same mistake on both cats.  Do I have to pay the back dated policy as I did a quick check and between both of them I would have to pay over £1000 for the last 18 months.  I know I didn't check the details, but I am sure I wouldn't have made the same mistake for both cats.  I haven't made a claim for either cat. Any advice please?


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    First - i hope your cat is ok!
    Second - might be a stupid question - how would the policy have been renewed for X amount of years and the cat still be 1 year old...? (surely even if you had the policy for 2 years it would be at least 2/3 on the paperwork by now...?)

    Do you have any initial emails or documents when you took the policy out, confirming the age? If it was wrong from the policy inception and you didn't notice, there isn't much you can do IMO :(
    £1000 difference for 18 months insurance seems quite steep, but i have never had to insure an older pet so i may be completely unaware of how much it 'should' cost.
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