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Flights and car hire booked separately and directly with airlines and rental companies

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Flights and car hire booked separately and directly with airlines and rental companies

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Hi, first timer....
We ( 2 Adults and 3 Teenagers )have a holiday booked to Orlando and Cancun flying out 3rd August then 12-19 aug Orlando to Cancun RTN. Returning to uk 24/08.

Virgin Atlantic flights LGW - MCO rtn
Jetblue flights MCO- CUN rtn
Alamo through car hire in USA
Post Office Travel Insurance bought at time of booking Jan 2020
So I have a couple of questions
1- Virgin Atlantic have cancelled the flight out on 3rd  August. Does this mean that the return is automatically cancelled and that I can go ahead and claim a refund?
2- should I still try and apply for ESTA?
3- once I have confirmation of the Virgin cancellations how does that affect my abilities to cancel the JetBlue and car rental?
4- My industry shut down during this COVID Pandemic , in the last week I have had calls for bookings. Yay. Right across the dates of the booked Holiday. Doh.
Of course I have to take the work.
please advise?

p.s Your advice on this website has helped us immeasurably during this crisis, myself being the only earner for my family and never having had to apply for any kind of financial help during my career of 34 years. My mental health which has been fragile on occasion over the years has been saved by You Martin and all your Moneysavingexpert Elves. My sincere Thanks

Keep doing what you’re doing, you are helping in more ways than you know. 
Simon x


  • photomephotome Forumite
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    1...I believe so should have applied for an ESTA before you booked your holiday as there is no gtee you will get one straight away, cant believe you have waited this long! having said that you dont need one anymore.
    3.will depend on the t and c re those 2 bookings, are they cancellable for a full refund, they are independant of your virgin flight, I think Rentalcars can be cancelled wuth a refund but you will have to check
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    WestinWestin Forumite
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    and adding my two penny worth...

    1.  If you booked a return flight and the outbound sector is cancelled then you have the right to a refund.  Be aware that VAA are quoting up to 120 days for refunds at this time. 
    2.  No point now as you are not going. You would not be granted one anyway as the US currently has restrictions on entry for UK/EU nationals.
    3.  I assume these are separate and you have a DIY type holiday?  As photome indicates, hopefully you can extract yourself from the car rental (check T&C). The Jetblue one will come down to terms and conditions of the ticket. The cheaper fares which may book have restrictions.  Unless booked as a package holiday you have no automatic right to a refund from Jetblue just because you can't get to Orlando.  That's not Jetblue's problem. They may possibly give a credit. Check their website for travel waiver information.
    4.  Guess his would be classed as your disinclination to travel although with VAA flights cancelled not sure of the relevance of this question.
  • sinisesinise Forumite
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    Thank you each for your comments, I can move forward now.
  • sinisesinise Forumite
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    Virgin have actioned a refund subject to the up to 120 day wait. refunded the same day. Yay.
    JetBlue, they changed our itinerary by 1.5 days, which entitled Us to a refund, as their policy is if they change your flight times by more than 2 hours. I had to call as the change was not showing up online but the funds were back on my card within 3 days.

    Conclusion is: have patience (as has been the advice on this site).

  • WestinWestin Forumite
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    Glad things worked out and refunds paid or due.

    FYI, it seems Virgin Atlantic have started the refund payments. I finally had an email from them last week confirming a refund would be made shortly for my cancelled May flight. Hopefully you won’t have to wait the full quoted 120 days.
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