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Easyjet - Change of flight time - Options?

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Has anyone recently had a flight change (not a cancellation) with easyjet? And what options were given?

Basically, I can see my flight in August is very likely to move a day earlier for both outbound and return i.e those are the only flights bookable now. Typically Easyjet hold off until the last 14 days before actually telling you.

Will they just offer to move me, cancel the flight, or will I have an option of moving the return segment (ideally I would move this out an extra week, as we are staying with friends).

Their website seems to suggest this scenario with no change fees, but I don't know if this will also include any difference in flight cost (as seemingly if they cancel the flight entirely they will move you to any future date for free).

Otherwise I can change the return segment now (at extra cost for the flight difference).

If anyone can copy and paste their easyjet email text/summarise the options, that would be very handy.

Easyjet do have a useful tool but it's a tad vague on this situation, also you can't get hold of Easyjet to ask the simple question.


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