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No refund from vueling for cancelled flight after their subsidiary goes bankrupt - Page 2

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No refund from vueling for cancelled flight after their subsidiary goes bankrupt

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    I didn't mean to start an argument between you two, what you have said matches my understanding (my understanding is not based on anything solid) and I have already processed it through my credit card through the means you have suggested, they have preliminarily returned my balance but warned me it might take 12 weeks to confirm the case during which time the money may be taken back. I like the idea of writing to the other company contacts you have suggested thanks for taking the time to be helpful. I'll pop a post in when I get confirmation either way of a positive or negative result.
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    No argument and no problem, I possibly hadn't explained the situation clearly enough. We were both saying the same thing, just worded differently.

    The problem with Level is that it started as a virtual airline (meaning it was an airline on paper, but everything was operated by other companies), and ended as 3 airlines operating flights for 1 brand. I wasn't aware that Vueling were processing payments (although was aware that it formed part of the same corporate group, which also owns British Airways and also aware that it had taken over some Vueling routes from Amsterdam as part of an internal decision to avoid overnighting 2 planes), so was a little thrown by it and therefore had to dig a little deeper.

    I have had to claim for flights on my credit card (one airline have been reasonable, another far less so in the current circumstances), and from my own experience, airlines will not fight a claim if they have not done what they were supposed to. If there is an objection, you should be given the chance to respond accordingly before a final decision is made, you may have to ask for it though.

    If you have any issues or other questions, please don't hesitate to post here and someone will respond.
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