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Does Virgin Media own the cable coming to my house?

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Does Virgin Media own the cable coming to my house?

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bigpatbigpat Forumite
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I've been with Virgin a LONG time, easily 10 years+ and they have now written to notify me of a >80% price hike, from £37 a month to £67 a month. I've just started researching options and somewhere on this site it says that if you're moving away from cable you'll need a new BT Openreach installation which could take a long time.

But are those my only options? Can other providers quote me for a service using the existing cable, or does Virgin own that?  I need fast broadband, but I really couldn't care less about TV and landline, though it seems you're better of *having* a landline even if you never use it.


  • Rodders53Rodders53 Forumite
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    Yes VM own the cables to your home.  No other ISP can use the VM infrastructure.

    Choose an ISP with a low cost for providing a new (Openreach) line installation?

    Or something that uses Mobile networks and no landline e.g.

    Or renegotiate an acceptable price with VM, especially as you can threaten to leave with the costs known after you research the alternatives?
  • donnac2558donnac2558 Forumite
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    With cable yes Virgin have the monopoly.   There used to be other cables companies years back but they were taken over so it is Virgin for cable and that is that. 
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    JJ_EganJJ_Egan Forumite
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    Need to check if you have a BT OR phone line usually from the pole , or BT master socket to the house.
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