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Having trouble unlocking mobile to change network

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ginger_chocolateginger_chocolate Forumite
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Hi everyone

I'm just wondering if anyone else has run into this problem or has any ideas about what to do about it. I've been with EE for three years. I originally took out a two year contract with them when I bought a new LG handset in their shop in June 2017. In June 2018 I took out a new Sim only year long contract with them online. That has recnetly come to an end and I decided I wnated to change to Three as they offer a better deal for what I want. I applied for a Sim only contract, was accepted and the Sim card arrived today. I called EE to ask them to unlock my phone so I can change network. They asked me for the "IMEI" number, and instructed me how to find this out from the settings menu. I gave them the IMEI, but they are telling me that that IMEI isn't associated with my account with them. They also told me there is no LG phone associated with my account at all. So they aren't able to help me. They couldn't make any other suggestions as to what I could do to get my phone unlocked. So now i have a new Sim only contract that I can't use. Any ideas? I've never switched networks before and I assumed it would be simple!
Thanks for any suggestions!


  • Jon_01Jon_01 Forumite
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    This maybe a stupid question (sorry), but you have used the LG with the EE sim?  That's how the phone is associated with the account. Every time you use the phone the network logs the imei against the sim being used.
    If you have, you need to get back to them and get them to get the back office team to look into your account for you.
    Or, get an unlock code from Ebay... But EE really should sort it for you. . .
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