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I've seen thread from 2012 with the same issue. Seems like Three have not learned the lessons.
I'm trying to cancel the contract of an old WiFi dongle that I have hardly used in 4 years (but still paid for!). I thought I cancelled via online however a "nice" e-mail from them saying that I will be put on a Debt company register if I don't pay made me think otherwise. (I paid the outstanding amount of £24 even though I don't need it!)
Online - whenever I go for the leave Three option, there is this merry go round system that basically doesn't let you do anything. In actual fact there is an option to leave Three without phone number, however it doesn't really do anything so what's the point?
Telephone - there is no telephone number where I can contact them! a Live chat that doesn't work, a 333 number which obviously I can't call from a dongle and literally no info anywhere where you can talk to someone. Is this legal? in 2020?
Found a number! after some research I managed to get a number. Long wait (understandable), then a call center somewhere in Asia telling me that they will put me on the right department after which I have to start again! and on and on and on.
I have to be honest, I have never found such tricky and impossible task in order to cancel something.
Is anyone kind enough to give me a tip or advice on how to proceed? Should I start writing on their social media accounts?
Please Help!
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