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Post Office Credit Card changing to Jaja

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Post Office Credit Card changing to Jaja

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I've just received the email from Post Office Credit Card (mine's an old one so provided by Bank of Ireland) to tell me that they are changing provider to Jaja and that my current Mastercard will be replaced with a Visa.

I have some credit file related questions but I don't know who to ask. I've checked the new terms and conditions and also their FAQs and there's nothing there. I feel like the people in the call centre won't have been given any information and might just make something up? Any ideas how I can go about finding the answers to the questions I have?

The questions I would like to know the answers to are:
Will the account show as a new account on my credit file? Currently it shows that I've paid on time every month for years, will this account be settled and a new account be opened?
Will a credit search be done in order to open a new account or to transfer the existing account over in any way?
Will a credit search be undertaken to check for balance increase eligibility? This has never been checked by Bank of Ireland and one has never been offered. I'm fine with being offered these but not fine with unplanned credit searches as I want to keep these to no more than 1 every 6 months.

Basically, I'm worried that whatever they do, it'll harm my credit file. I could lose the longest standing account I have on there so reducing my average age of accounts drastically. Plus if they're going to be doing another search I won't go ahead and I'll just close the account as I don't want another search until August as I switched my bank account earlier this year.

I wouldn't usually be quite so uptight about it but I switched bank accounts and changed the credit card I use for travel when my existing one changed recently so I'm already looking bad on paper!

I'm less than happy about losing my other mastercard too. Can anyone recommend a good prepaid mastercard as I won't have one any longer and I like to have backup incase of Visa going down like it has done in the past.

My husband is an additional cardholder on the account so it would also be useful to know if they'll want a search from him or whether it's all on me anyway. I'm not sure if all card issuers are the same in this respect.

Sorry for the massive post. I am grateful to anyone who gets to the end and especially anyone who knows the best way to get the answers to my questions.

Many thanks.


  • notveryeducatednotveryeducated Forumite
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    It will look something like this "Credit Card with Jaja (was formerly Post Office)". Your credit rating will not be effected. 
  • funkycreditfunkycredit Forumite
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    I've had similar and the answers are mostly in the FAQ's. But basically I've read it as they've literally sold the portfolio whatever, and jaja are taking over the cards so our credit file will just change from BoI Mastercard to Jaja Finance and all historic data etc will remain. 

    It's not a new account, it's a transfer so no credit checks etc would be done. Additional cardholder should get a new card the same day you do. Both usually come in same envelope. 

    Only real difference is Jaja is online so you need to use their app. Fine by me. I hate not having online access with BoI lol. 

    Don't worry. Only change you'll see is a new provider name on your report and a new card. Maybe after a while they may do a soft search and close some accounts down if their criteria is stricter but who knows. 
  • SpadgetSpadget Forumite
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    Thanks @funkycredit I think I was just panicking, my credit file has taken enough of a beating this year! And I will definitely be looking forward to proper online access, the current app etc is awful! I hope they join open banking too. 
  • GravewormGraveworm Forumite
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    There is another change which is may be significant for some. They are changing from Mastercard to Visa. I already have currency fee free Visa cards but keep this to have a Mastercard. I have experienced several overseas retailers who will only accept Mastercard without a surcharge e.g Singapore and KL electronics stores. It also means I have a fee free alternative if Visa processing is down but that is less of an issue. 
  • Tosh464Tosh464 Forumite
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    They also mentioned Jaja would not be able to offer Purchased Item Protection, I thought al Credit Cards offered this for 90 days?
  • PaulW922PaulW922 Forumite
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    Tosh464 said:
    They also mentioned Jaja would not be able to offer Purchased Item Protection, I thought al Credit Cards offered this for 90 days?
    No, that is just a feature that some providers offer. You do still have your s 75 and Chargeback protection of course. (In fact Visa chargeback is slightly better as there is no minimum amount whereas MasterCard has a £10 minimum)
  • pandora205pandora205 Forumite
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    I only use my Post Office credit card for overseas travel.  I note the comment above about MasterCard acceptance.  Are there any other disadvantages with transferring to Java when travelling overseas?  If it is online only does that mean there wouldn't be a helpline in the case of difficulties?  
    I currently have a  balance to pay on a cruise which is due in September having paid the deposit this way.  I was planning to the card to pay this due to charge back protection (though I would be covered through ATOL).  I'm wondering whether it might be better to take out a Santander card instead.
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