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Charging for Gas Meter replacement

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I have been contacted by British Gas to say that the Gas Meter needs replacing as it is "End of Life". When I asked for a non-Smart Meter, they wanted to charge £125 for this.
When I asked why, they said that they have specialist Engineers who can repair the "old" style Meters and it is costly for them to "train" these people on older kit.

I asked when the End of Life is for my Meter and how long they should last but, she couldn't give me the actual End of Life date but, if it wasn't replaced it would just stop and revert to "Zero". She also said that the "Life" of a Gas Meter was around 8 or 9 years.

We did have the Meter replaced but, that was in 2004, a lot longer than 9 years!

I have never heard of a Gas Meter "failing" but, I did a Plumbing course a few years back and the Lecturer was a Gas Engineer who said that they rarely go wrong and only usually get replaced if a Customer complains that they think their Meter is faulty and giving "higher" readings than normal which, more ofte than not, there's nothing wrong with the Gas Meter.

Are they allowed to charge for this replecement, and has anyone else had a similar phone call?



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    Welcome to the forum, but unfortunately it's the wrong one.  Try deleting and posting in Energy.
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     I had this game with bulb energy.

    They cannot charge you for a gas meter replacement as smart meters are not compulsory . Ofgen rules back that up .

    Are you sure that it's actually British gas calling ? 
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