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Personal hygiene issues with 9yo

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My eldest is nine and a half and I recently noticed a few changes that indicate the first signs of puberty. The main one is that she is starting to smell and her hair is getting greasy very quickly. I've talked to her about why it's more important now that she showers more often etc and I've also got her a deodorant to use and her own shower gel (we usually share but I thought it might be an incentive to wash more) but she is just ignoring it all. I've tried being firmer with her and explained to her that she does smell sometimes and just because she isn't aware of it other people will be so she needs to wash regularly. I also tried saying that she can alternate proper showers with a proper wash at the sink. Nothing is working!!! What can I do? She will hopefully go back to school in a few months and I don't want her peers to make fun of her (I also let her know that could be an issue). She also is very reluctant to brush her teeth and hair and I'm despairing, I just want her to take a bit of pride in herself. Any ideas? 


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    She's 9, so you wake her up in plenty of time every morning and tell her to go and have a shower and brush her teeth.
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