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Hi, does anyone know if there's a comparison tool (like Cheap Energy Saving Club) that will let you see water tariffs for businesses? I have a retail shop and have only just discovered I can choose my water supplier. Trying to compare tariffs is a minefield. I can't seem to discover the tariffs unless I either log on to individual water companies and fill out my details or use a broker who hounds me with calls and then says they can save me money but won't say who I'm switching to? I would like to browse myself and choose a provider who is not only cheaper than my current provider, but also has strong environmental policies.  Thanks if anyone can point me in the right direction. 


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    We are all tied to consumer water suppliers .That is a single supplier depending upon area .
    I would try a small business forum .
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    Commercial premises have been able to choose suppliers for a few years now.
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    Hi Wiwaxy, 

    Since April 2017 the water market for businesses in the UK has been deregulated allowing you to switch business water providers, similar to how you can with business energy. 

    AquaSwitch is a comparison service that's easy to use and can help you find a cheaper rate and better customer service. 


    Won't let me post a link. 
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