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I am now looking to upgrade to Sky Q and just wanted a few tips if possible, before I call them. 
Im currently on a very good deal at £40 for all the TV channels, inc sports and cinema, plus HD. 
I was offered a free install , and 1 mini box, when I renewed about 6 months ago, but we didnt have a compatible TV back then. 
Im looking to get UHD and HD channels, and HDR  (our TV is compatable), keep Cinema and Sports, but I dont care about Netflix, anot   Im not overly fussed about paying for Multiroom, as we can watch stuff via Sky Go.   
1.So, will my current deals just transfer over  ?  Ive tried the 'upgrade now' online just to test it, and it says  "our new Sky TV package is monthly £28 ", but Im not sure what that really includes.
2. Do I just need Sky Signature and the UHD package, on top of the HD, Sports ,Cinema we already have ?
3. I dont care about the extra disk space, but is there any point haggling for a 2TB HDR box  instead of a 1tb HDR box ?   I will try and get a hybrid LNB , thanks for that tip.
Thanks for any help, as Im looking to call them this afternoon.  My wife is a front line worker, so I will be happy to tell them that if asked.


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    1) Maybe, maybe not.  Unless you get the top end VIP expect to have to pay best part of £200 to have it installed.  Expect a new contract.  Would do best to speak to them since you'll have to arrange a call out anyway.
    2) Signature is the replacement for Entertainment which was the replacement for the old Basic, Variety and Boxsets/Family pakages.  You need this before you can have Cinema and/or Sports or the UHD content, but you need HD as well as UHD packs to get the UHD content.
    3) The boxes come with 2Tb.  If you don't use it you don't use it, but remember recording UHD content takes up far more space than it would on your Sky+HD box, so it may work out to the same hours wise.  The Hybrid LNB you may be able to blag from the Sky installer.  Stock up on tea and biscuits.
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