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My landlord insists on paying rent with cash in hand and also refuses to give a receipt

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My landlord insists on paying rent with cash in hand and also refuses to give a receipt

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Eduardo_546Eduardo_546 Forumite
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My new landlord wants me to pay rent in cash by hand, he comes to the property once every month at the start of the month to collect the payment, I have asked for a receipt or a bill signed by him, saying the duration of the rent, the date, his signature and the amount I have paid but he said it is not necessary.
Am I legally bound to pay without him giving a receipt?


  • Grumpy_chapGrumpy_chap Forumite
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    Is this an AST?
    Or are you a lodger?
    Is there an agent in place?
    The landlord may have good reasons for only wanting cash, but I understand why you are wary.  Can you share any more details on the set up and how you came to arrive at this point?
  • tehonetehone Forumite
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    Sounds dodgy as hell, I wouldn't handover money without a receipt
  • TripleHTripleH Forumite
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    Do you have a contract at all? Does it specify you pay in cash?
    Are you sure the guy who collects the rent is your landlord or has any right to rent out the property?
    Does anyone else live in the property?
    I rented and paid cash for a room in a house many years ago, but I was always given a receipt.
    The worry is that you come home one day to find it is someone else's property and you are unintentionally homeless or that the 'landlord'decides he can make more money from somewhere else and kick you out for notpaying rent because you have no proof.
    Please do provide more information, this could be a serious issue and you need to get thi gs sorted asap.
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  • nyermennyermen Forumite
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    Go by your contract details.  If there isn't one, I'd be running a mile.  Mine always said "rent due by X date each month, payable to eg. sort code/acc number".  Otherwise - bleedin' obvious of course - nothing to stop them in 6 months saying "where's my rent?"
    Also - covid situation, is this even allowed?

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  • jimbogjimbog Forumite
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    Ask him if he would mind you videoing the transaction each month with a running commentary
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  • WanderingpommWanderingpomm Forumite
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    He’s blatantly tax dodging.  I might consider reporting him,  this is prob not the only property he has. It the property up to standard for renting? Is everything serviced? Do you have working alarms? 
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    theartfullodgertheartfullodger Forumite
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    Grass him up to HMRC (Google tax fraud). And DWP (he's likely claiming some benefits)

    Unless your tenancy agreement says you can't, give him a cheque, taking copy, so you can prove you paid. That he doesn't pay cheque in is his problem.

    But move.  Don't do business with a tax cheat.
  • dimbo61dimbo61 Forumite
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    Set up your mobile phone or webcam on your laptop to record yourself paying him the cash.
    Count out the money on the table so it can be seen your handing over money.
    Maybe facetime with a friend recording the event each month.
    Has the LL given you a tenancy agreement ? Right to rent checks, Credit checks , Gas Safe Certificate, PAT testing and are the electrics safe ?
    Does the property have a EPC 
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    greatcrestedgreatcrested Forumite
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    Like others above I'd insist on a receipt.
    If he refuses, don't pay. What's he going to do? Take you to court for the rent? I don't think so as he is almost certainly wanting to keep the tenancy out of view of the authorities (in particular HMRC).
    Ideas like filming the transaction are an option.
    I too wonder what else he'sdone/not done:
    * did he give you an EPC ?  Government leaflet How to rent ? Gas report (HSE )?
    * did you pay a Deposit? If yes, did he protect it and give you the Prescribed Information, within 30 days?
    * did he check you have the Right to Rent ?
    * do you have an address in Eng/Wales 'for serving notices on the landlord'?
    All the above are legally required.

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