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FIT payment

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I am up against a brick wall with Scottish Power. I am trying to claim my solar FIT payment but because we have had a record three months of sun the claim is well above average. Their website therefore refuses to accept my reading. OK, with a normal company I might be able to speak to someone about this, but not with Scottish Power. I have had to have it registered as a complaint but no good from that - still no response. Their email address did not respond, their phone number was just an outgoing message. I suspect that if I gave them an excessive consumption reading they would be very happy to charge me, but when I have a claim I cannot even get anywhere with them. It is extremely frustrating.


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    Not quite sure what you're after by posting on here. If you've lodged a formal complaint then they'll follow their complaints procedure. They'll probably offer you a few extra ££ as a gesture of goodwill.
    It may be worth taking a picture of your meter with the reading and emailing it to their FIT team. No doubt they'll ask for this when you finally get it sorted anyway. 👍🏼
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    Just letting the community know how energy providers behave so they can make informed decisions.
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    My FIT is paid by nPower.  Yes, this has been an exceptional three months, but I'm not expecting any problem with payment.  I submitted my meter read on 1st June, received the notification email on 3rd June and the money should be in my bank by tomorrow.
    There has never been a problem in 8 years, but I will be checking! 
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