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Anybody a single mother by choice?

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It's sad that I have to write this, but if you have anything negative to say please just don't. I will not read or respond and I will report to admins. I am only looking to talk with other single mothers by choice. If you are not one, please move on to another post. I've already had two thoughtless people on this forum lecture me about miscarriage, be careful with your words, you don't know anyone's story.

Hello, Are there any other single mothers by choice here? I'm about to start my journey and would love to hear your stories and connect with other people in a similar situation.
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    Seems an odd choice of forum for a perfectly reasonable question.  Wouldn’t mumsnet give a better chance of finding what/who you’re looking for?
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    Not exactly by choice from the start, but I chose to divorce my husband who isn’t as involved as my kids deserve a father to be. Being a single mum has loads of good points. You get all the memories and all their love, nobody is there to undermine you as a parent, you can raise them exactly as you think is best for them, you get to pick where you go on holidays and days out without having to compromise around anyone else’s commitments besides you and your child/children. You get all the satisfaction of teaching them how to do things, can cook whatever you like etc. 
    It’s important to have a tribe, so you have support and people who will love you enough to call you out on any wrong decisions (ALL mums need this sometimes no matter how super they are at parenting) but this doesn’t necessarily have to be a dad. Parenting alone and making a good job of it is do-able and rewarding. I wish you all the best with your parenting adventure. 
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