Hi I am going through the painful process of trying to get my money back from a company called Travel UP.
I got a reponse Tommy claim after two months and they say they are awaiting BA to refund them the money then the will sending back to me thought there is a £50 handling charge!!! Are they able to do this? How on earth will it cost them £50 to send my money back via a BACs transfer? Surely this is illegal? Anyone dealt with this company before? 


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    I'm probably about to be in a  similar position with TravelUp, so was looking for advice too.
    From the looks of things, they changed their terms and conditions at the start of the pandemic to say that any cash refunds they process will be subject to an admin fee. Accepting a voucher will not be subject to this admin fee. 

    If this had been in place when I booked my tickets in Feb, I wouldn't have minded. I take issue with them adding it in sneakily afterwards and then expecting customers that didn't agree to it to have to pay the fee. 

    Would love to hear if anyone has found a way to avoid this? 
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    They changed their terms and conditions like you say to include a 'handling fee' in March/Apr this year without informing customers. I booked my flights prior to this fraudulent change. They also failed to inform me that my flights were cancelled which is a breach of contract. 
    Their customer service is non-exsistent they will fob you off with all sorts of !!!!!!.

    Instead of dealing with these crooks direct..I initiated a section 75 with my credit card to claim funds back.

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    I have the original terms and conditions if you need them for raising a dispute. Or of you search in FB there is a group over 2.6k pi##ed off TU customers where there are many helpful docs and info called 'travel up covid response'. 

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