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Can I get a 2nd mobile contract?

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Can I get a 2nd mobile contract?

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Hi all 

so I turned 18 last year and got my first contract from Tesco 4-5 months ago which was an iPhone 8 for 19.99 pm! and have payed my bill on time each month.. Now I’m wanting to get another contract out for the iPhone 11 and give my current one to my partner,

would it be best to go with Tesco will they likely accept me a second time or is it best to go elsewhere?

Just to clarify I only have that contract in my credit history as it’s the only thing I’ve applied for so I think my credit score should be good


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    You can have as many as you want, subject to acceptance.

    Although your credit score may be good, no one else will ever see or care about it.  You have a very thin history due to your age, so are much more high risk than most.  It's not a huge problem for phone contracts, but means you need to start at the bottom for mainstream credit, as everyone does.
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