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At a complete loss at what to do... long story but I purchased a phone contract with mid-May, received the phone pretty quickly no problem with a new sim card with EE. Already on EE, so called them up and asked to swap the number over. EE can't find the details of my new phone number, they ask to contact to find out what the problem is. Online chat with and they say they will get back to me in 48 hours. No response, so I online chat again about a week later, this time very helpful and everything will be sorted in 24-48 hours. Get to today (29th May) as have been working so too busy to sort out and assumed the number would be changed over soon. Left the house and noticed the internet isn't working on my new phone and when I call from my new phone it comes up as 'No caller ID'. I'm now paying an extra month on my old sim only contract as this is taking so long. Chat with again to chase up - they say that the issue is my credit check was invalid and I have to return my new phone... totally confused as I've had the phone for half a month already, they've taken 200 pounds from my account, so clearly the credit check did go through. Also, why aren't they offering an alternative contract? Why just say I have to return the phone and that's that? I asked them to escalate and they say I have to contact THEM back in 24-48 hours. Feels very unprofessional and dodgy to me, trusted them as they are affiliated with Carphone Warehouse. Does anyone know what my rights are on this? I want to keep the phone ideally. Thanks, Emily.
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