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Move Your Cancelled Ryanair Flight For Free - No Charge For Increases in Fare Price

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I have had an email from Ryanair inviting me to move my cancelled flights for free - no charges, nothing extra to pay for an increase in fare.
I followed the steps to move my flight but none of my 4 cancelled flights were showing in "My Trips" on the ryanair websitet.  I connected to a service agent for help but I was told I couldn't move my flight for free because all of my 4 flights had been the subject of refund claim and "Vouchers" had been issued - I agreed that I had initially claimed a "cash" refund after getting the flight cancelled emails but had NOT clicked to accept any of the vouchers subsequently sent to me in lieu of a cash refund. I pointed out the emails offering the free move were sent after I had been invited to accept a refund voucher and asked the agent to reinstate my cancelled flights in "My Trips" so that I coudl move them for free..... Well I got nowhere and the upshot is use your vouchers and pay any difference in price or wait for cash - this is yet more poor customer service and given the invite to move my flight that I was prepared to accept a bit bizarre....

Has anyone else had this or been successful in moving their flights for free with no fare increase to pay ????
Here is the email


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    I have 2 ryanir flights which were cancelled so applied for the refund with the blatant refund in 20 days lie (printed copy)  Subsequently I have received the same email offering a free, no extra cost change or a voucher for the refund.
    Confusing. And no doubt one of Mr 2 Faced O'Leary's ploys.
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