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water bill after a water leak in a new build. should the builder pay?

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water bill after a water leak in a new build. should the builder pay?

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Hello. i have recently had a water leak in a new build property that we have only been in for 6 months. this was located underneath the isolation valve under the sink and under the kitchen cabinets on the main water pipe into the new build property. this was on the pipe between the water meter and the isoaltion tap under the sink. where the water was leaking it was running back down the outside of the pipework and into the ground underneath the property so did not notice any water leaking into the house resulting in the leak going un noticed for a while. only noticed it when i heard water running late at night when it was very quiet. i called out our emergency plumber which is all covered as the property is less than 2 years old, they fixed the issue no problem at all. 

at this point i was worried about my water bill so contacted seven trent water who generated the latest bill a little earleir than normal and it was extremely high. we had gone from using 27m3 to in our first quarter in the property to 200m3 in the next quarter. this has resulted in a ridiculous water bill as you can imagine.

My question is, should the builders be liable to pay the bill or not? i have asked the question but not had a response at the moment. 
i also asked seven trent water about any help with it on the bill but on the phone they said they couldnt help. since then i have seen the water leakage scheme where i can claim but can take a while to process, seven trent did not mention anything about this on the phone. 



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    I would certainly be pursuing the developers for this, however in the mean time you do need to be making arrangements with Severn Trent to be paying the bill otherwise it will impact on your credit file.
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