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Having problems with Three mobile at the moment. Data connection has been pretty solid for the last 2 years, averaging about 60Mbit/sec. This is quite a lot faster than our Fibre broadband. Since the last mast maintenance about a month ago, the data connection drops on average twice a minute, which is very annoying as you can imagine. There is currently a 20% discount on EE sims for staff and students via StudentBeans website. It's time to try EE I thought. To cut a long story short, Three have been experiencing "systems problems" for the last 48hrs perhaps more, and are not able to cancel accounts - whaaaaat!  I logged into my account online, and tried to initiate a chat. "Please fill out your details (Name, phone number) etc before we start the chat". I get through to someone who introduces himself as Benedict, who says that my name doesn't match my phone number - uh, oh"  Anyone else having problems with Three?


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    If you are trying to leave you don't need to talk to anyone you can just text for a Pac code when the Pac code comes back you will have the final bill whether you owe them or they owe you.

    Text 'PAC' to 65075

    After you have the code give it to the new provider and once the number goes over your contract will finish automatically. 
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    Yes, me too.  Text 'PAC' and dob to 65075 and surprise surprise "We can't process your request at the moment due to a system issue.  Try again later". 
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    I went on 'live chat' via the app today to try and downgrade my sim-only deal.
    I filled IN all of my info and spoke to someone who's name began with A
    After the initial 'how are you today' nonsesne, he replied that he couldn't do the downgrade to to 'technical issues'!
    He suggested that I try contacting them via the app .... hmmm!
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    Big banner across support web pages today (29/5):
    "We're really sorry, but due to technical issues, we can't access account information or make account changes, including topping up or buying Add-ons. This includes within My3 and the Three app. We're doing everything we can to fix this right away."
    Down 3 days now :(  Luckily used a unique password on the My Three site.
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