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renewed virgin and they arent honouring the agreed on the phone price

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renewed virgin and they arent honouring the agreed on the phone price

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smoggieboysmoggieboy Forumite
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managed to negotiate my bill down from a rip off £89 p/m to £60p/m was fairly content with that and went on holiday for a couple of weeks and forgot all about it. just noticed a few months later that they never honoured the £60 p/m and instead charge me £69.50 p/m instead. when iv contacted them they are saying theres no record of the £60 agreed rate and reckon they sent me a confirmation email with the £69.50 rate and because i never replied they say iv agreed. Now iv never received this email and was certainly never told there was an email to check.

Is there anything else i can do, iv asked for proof of the email being sent, the agent im dealing with is yet to reply.

feel iv been completely hoodwinked here because i was going to cancel and i said i would only consider £60 p/m

Any help much appreciated



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    [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    smoggieboy said:went on holiday for a couple of weeks 
    During the Lockdown? 
    Also never checked your bill online (for "a couple of months"?)
  • ididntgetwhereiamtodayididntgetwhereiamtoday Forumite
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    Check your junk folder. If you’ve no email then you have no re course. You can cancel as you won’t be under contract if there is no email. 
    I didn't get where i am today by not reading
  • pphillipspphillips Forumite
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    VM need to honor the agreed price or you don't have a new 12 month contract with them. Despite what they say, they cant impose a different 12 month contract on you by email.
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